Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Here in Murcia, it is 27 degrees, and it is after 6pm. I am loving the sun right now and it will only get warmer, sunnier and better as time goes on!
After school/work (whatever you want to call it), I wandered down Gran Vía and had a little nose in Blanco. Oh my God! I need to go back this later this week, or early next week because they have a new amazing range of shorts in there. I have to buy them! To be fair, I haven't been on a shopping spree in a while and I need some nice shorts for my birthday weekend, various trips around Spain, my June travels, Ibiza and the summer holidays - wherever I end up.
Shopaholic has surfaced once again.
The fact that I'm buying new shorts may also mean that I need to buy some new tops/shoes to go with them too.

I may go ahead and buy the majority of this shorts to add to my collection.
Now, this wouldn't be an SG article without an appearance from Topshop or River Island and a how to style it post...
Summer is practically here for me and very soon the legs will be out on show!
Shorts are so much better than short skirts when it comes to day wear too. I don't want to walk around with the fear of a slight breeze lifting my skirt for the whole world to see my knickers! It is safe to say that with summer daytime, I will be opting for shorts: mini, long, denim, sporty...

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