Friday, 28 September 2012

Let's Go To The Beach!

As I sit at my desk, looking out of the window, it does not look like I'm living in 'sunny' Spain. In fact, the past two days it has been cloudy, breezy, and it has even started to rain! I feel like winter is officially on it's way, and I'm scared that I'm going to lose my spanish tan before going home at Christmas!
With saying that, this post seems completely irrevelant because it is all about what to wear on a day at the beach. To be fair, I have been to the beach in Alicante the past two weekends, and the sun has been shining gloriously, but now, it is time to crack out the leggings, and the big oversized cardy that I always love wearing.
Back to the reason for this post. I thought I'd create the kind of posts I love to make (even though I haven't in a while!), and share my ideas on what to wear to the beach.
As I write this, it has begun to pour with rain, along with spells of thunder and lightning. Maybe I jinxed this!
Tonight, after my two hour lecture (until 8!), I am going to Peggy Sue's, an american diner style restaurant, with some friends for some major food! Then, tomorrow, I have a 6:30 start as I am going to Granada for the weekend with a load of other Erasmus students. It is safe to say, it's going to be an amazing weekend!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Live For The Weekend

This weekend has been so good! After a not so good week of disorganization of the university, classes being cancelled, missing home etc. etc. this weekend was something that I really needed to get me back to loving life in Spain.
For some reason, university was closed on Friday, which seems to happen here a lot. I'm not complaining because it means I got a three day weekend which is definitely better than two! On Friday, I went shopping with two of the girls to the massive shopping centre, Nueva Condimina: it is my new favourite place. It has Primark and H&M (even though I'm not much of a Primark fan anymore) and loads of other cheap stores!
I spent quite a bit of money, and I'm incorporating a what I bought today post into this...

Everything apart from the notebook is from Nueva Condimina. The shoes I saw were in the sale for less than 20 euros, and I can't resist a good bargain. Plus, they're really funky and bright, a pair that I'd wear with an LBD, or a denim dress or something like that. I needed more studs because I have my ear lobes pierced twice, and I'm always losing studs, or leaving them in England, so I needed a few more. The other earrings and necklaces I just could not resist. I'm going through a rock chick stage again (hence the jumper) and I just want to toughen up my look a bit without having to wear black all the time, because it is too hot out here at the moment to do so! I saw the photo frame and thought of my real proper grown up place after university, which I know is a long way off yet, but I thought to myself, I am never going to find this again, so I just bought it. And, last but not least, my new uni notepad... My love for surfing from the land.. One day I'll get on a surfboard and have a go!
Friday evening was an ESN international student party night. We went to a bar/club that was underneath Plaza de Toros! The place was pretty cool and the drinks were cheap too! It was a good night, and I enjoyed it!
Yesterday, a group of us went to Alicante beach again. The majority of us got the 1pm bus as we were a bit delicate in the morning. The sea had more waves yesterday which was amazing although there was tonnes of seaweed everywhere! I love Alicante, and my friend found out about a bar that has events and stuff there, so think we might be going next month for a night. It'll be nice to go somewhere other than Murcia on a night out because I haven't seen many proper clubs here.

*Pics were taken last week of Alicante
And last night/today, all I've done is chilled out and watch The Hills and wish/dream that my life will be that exciting at the age of 22/23! And that I'll have the dream start to my career, but then again, maybe I'll be abroad travelling somewhere instead. Who knows?
Next weekends plan is a trip to Granada! So, at the moment, I am definitely living for the weekends whilst out here.
faye xoxo
P.S. I've also booked my flights home! I'll be back on English soil on the 19th December!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

What I've Bought So Far... In Spain!

As you all know from my last blog post/Facebook/Twitter, I am loving life in Murcia, Spain at the moment!
I have been here for two weeks now, and it's a weird feeling: I feel like I've been here forever, but I also feel like it's been ages since I saw my Mum & Dad in person (who left last Friday) too, and yet it feels like time is going so slow & fast at the same time. It's weird.
Anyway, to the point of this post, I have been shopping this week! I couldn't not treat myself to a few buys from my favourite Spanish store, Mango! One of items, the skirt, is to wear on Christmas Day. Yes, I'm already planning that far ahead! I've already bought my Mum's presents! I would post them on here but it could get back to her, even though she doesn't have blogger/Facebook or whatever. I'm really excited for Christmas this year! Usually, I'm the Scrooge of Xmas until the Coke advert comes on, but I'm really excited! Have already been counting down the days/weeks like a child.
I keep going off in a tangent, so here are my buys so far...

1. Belly bars: La Fería.
2. Spanish pants: La Fería.
3. Top: Mango.
4. Skirt: Mango.
I'll be sharing more clothes/accessories I buy for myself when I buy them.
Yesterday, I went to Alicante for a bit of sightseeing and a day at the beach. It was the best day of Spain so far! I'll post some pics either later or tomorrow.
faye xoxo

Monday, 10 September 2012

¡Mi Vida Nueva!

Today's blog is a little bit different to the noramal fashionista-what-to-wear-style posts I usually write.
First off to my readers, sorry it's been so long! It's been pretty hectic the last couple of weeks whilst preparing for Spain, but I am here now, in the sunny, hot, stylish city of Murcia!
The thing I love most about Murcia is the diversity of the city (and the many shops of course!). First off, you have the very religious side with the massive cathedral whose bells ring at every hour, and a church at every corner of the city. Then, there's of course, the students of the university... There is a lot of us.. about 30,000; 1,000 being erasmus. I think that's about right anyway. I might have misheard! There are so many bars, tapas, restaurants, cafes... you name it, Murcia has it. Another thing about Spain in general is the way they are so family-orientated. The other day, I was sitting in a restaurant, and I saw a granny, two or three daughters, an aunt (maybe - I'm speculating) and about three children; all different ages and yet here they were having a drink and chatting.

There is so much culture here it's unreal.
September is the best month to come to Murcia as the city has their national festival: La Fería de Murcia where there's a load of tapas, wine, dancing, singing, acting, parades, and loads of small stalls (most of which have beautiful foreign jewellery - the kind that is cheap and every girl wants). For example, tonight I bought myself four belly bars for the price of 16 euros! I could not believe it! That is like £13.50, and in England, you'll be lucky to get a decent one for a bit less than that price in somewhere like River Island or Topshop.
I have also (unashamedly) started buying Christmas presents! La Fería ends on the 20th September so and I want to buy a load of nice presents from there that's not outrageously expensive either! 
Today, I started my Spanish class too. It was really good. Back to basics and all that, but learning with a group of people from totally different countries with completely different backgrounds as you makes it so much more interesting. The only thing is, whenever I say my name to a Spaniard, they can't say it properly. I'll just get used to being called various types of my name.
I have also started to plan my timetable for university! It's a rollercoaster of emotions: stress, excitement, happiness, relief etc. etc. I gotta say though, as much as I love being in all this lovely, hot weather and the sun shining everyday, I am looking forward to Christmas a lot more than usual this year. I'm a true patriot of England at heart.
faye xoxo

Feeling very happy at the beach!
P.S. The shops here are also to die for... Mango is mega cheap! Watch this space for the usual what I bought today with a bit of a twist. I haven't bought much yet so I'm going to compile a blog at the end of the week, or next week with all the beautiful things I've bought! Including, the skirt I want to fly home in, and the dress I want to wear on Christmas Day!
¡Hasta luego!