Thursday, 23 August 2012

Random Pieces Of Inspiration

Today I spent over 3 hours sorting and tidying my room, did a bit of shopping (not exciting things) with Mum, visited family and wrote an article. It's safe to say I wanted to do a LOT more today but I'm pretty pleased that I got the important stuff on my To Do list done.
faye xoxo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

To Do Lists & Desks

On Monday I watched that Sarah Jessica Parker film I Don't Know How She Does It where she plays a working mum of two and she loves her job, tries to balance her whole life yadda yadda yadda. It's actually a really good film, and made me cry... just a little. Her whole life was about to do lists. What she had to do that day, call her toddlers nanny, make arrangements with another nanny, start a piece of her work, spend time with her husband etc. etc.

Obviously, it is a little bit different for me. One: I do not have children, am not married, do not have a mortgage, and all the rest of that adult stuff; Two: I have not established a career yet, although I am building one at the moment with all the writing I do; Three: I am not 45, or whatever age she is meant to be.

However, I do know that I want to keep my working life in order; as in uni work, online writing, this blog etc. I do need to be more organised in that respect. I write lists of articles I need to write all the time. Then I put them off, and put them off some more, before I physically HAVE to do them.

Also, when I go to Spain, I want to have a load of files to keep papers in order, stickers, highlighters, post-its, the lot, so that I can carry on writing for online publications such as HerUni, The405, Freedom Spark etc. as well as this blog (which will probably turn into more of a travel blog as the months go on).

There is an article in September's Glamour by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere blog. She can literally sort out your life when it comes to being organised!

This is what my desk looks like in my new Spanish home...

Yes, it is small but it is better than nothing. I think I will move the shelves right up next to the end of the bed and swing the desk around so that there is more wall space. Plus, the shelves will be next to the desk so it'll be easier for me to get important books/files off there when I am working.

In order to be organised, it's all about the stationary (which is the fun part!). I've bought my diary which I am already using, some project folders for important documents etc. I need to buy notebooks, pens, paper etc. which I might buy when I'm out there. I don't have a lot of suitcase allowance.

I need to get organised in my bedroom at home too! I need to find a load of important papers, sort my tip of a room out. I have shoes, magazines, books, jewellery etc. everywhere! I may have to do that tomorrow, as well as a few articles for websites, as well as sorting Spanish documents into folders.

I basically have tomorrow to sort my life out as this weekend is manic, as all bank holidays are. Then, I am off to London for a couple of days next week, as well as having a leaving party next Friday, a family meal Saturday, and I fly next Sunday! Life at the moment is literally a whirlwind, not that I'm complaining because I like life to be like that.

faye xoxo

Thursday, 16 August 2012

What's Going In My Bag

Tomorrow I go to V!!!

I am very excited despite having to get up at stupid o'clock so we can get a good camping spot! I went shopping again today with Kerry (my cousin who I'm going with) which was a good idea although we did spend quite a bit, especially in Claire's Accessories for lots of accessories: neon crayons, floral halos, animal eye masks etc.

I've sorted stuff that I need to pack which is a lot! And I've took some photographs of what I'm going to take & even styled my outfits. It's my first go at proper styling for blogging, as in laying the clothes out with the accessories to go with!

Also, it's Kerry's birthday on Saturday so you'll see some party stuff which I'm really excited to use in the middle of a muddy field!

So there is a few bits! I love the geek glasses with moustache thing going on! Definitely going to be wearing them a lot! As you can see, I've gone a bit crazy on accessories and jewellery and the like! I look my accessories. I probably won't wear half of it but lets hope!

I've styled the outfits for over the weekend. Yes, I know that it will probably be freezing cold but I have waited five months to get my festival shorts on! Bring on the cold! And the mud! So, day 1 is tomorrow which is just basically full of travelling so I want comfort but want to keep that festival feeling for when I get there. I'll be taking loads of pictures this weekend too! I haven't put accessories in the first picture but I probably will wear a few accessories. It just depends how alive I am at 6am tomorrow morning! Day 2 is Kerry's birthday! I bought this t-shirt and these shorts a couple of months ago, and I'll be accessorising it up! I'll also be taking my Primark mac for the cold/when it rains. Lots of accessories! Day 3 I'm going to go a bit more neon despite the floral cross! I have glowing bracelets and glow stick glasses (I didn't realise I'd bought them!) On the day of returning home, I'll be throwing on whatever really because when it's time to pack up and leave, all you wanna do is get home, to a nice, warm shower!

If you're going to V this weekend, have a great time! Might see you there, and hope you're not taking as much as me... Think I may overpack for one weekend!

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sleeping In The Fields

I am off to V Festival early hours Friday morning, and I am nowhere near ready for this weekend! I don't even have wellies yet, and looking at the weather, it looks like I'm definitely going to need them.

Despite doing a whole Festival Guide on HerUni, I still have no clue what to take, whether I have everything ready, how much money I should take etc. etc. I want to keep warm (obviously!) but as a fashion blogger who likes to think she has some sort of style, I would like to look nice in the pictures I take.

So far, I have two pairs of shorts (one of which I'm not sure even fit me!), three tops I think I'm going to take (most likely), a raincoat (for obvious reasons) and that's it. I need to take basic make-up. I'm forgetting about foundation completely as of right now. Maybe I will just in case I have bags under my eyes or a spot sprouts out from nowhere. Who knows? I haven't even thought about jewellery or hair accessories. I think that I'm overthinking this whole thing. I'm making it sound like this is my suitcase for Spain rather than a weekend rolling around in fields in mud and jumping up and down to artists live. So excited by the way!

Here's a reminder of the fashion side of things I brought together for HerUni:

Surely all this will help me on the fashion side of things. I'm definitely going to take a straw hat too! I don't care how much it rains; I want to take one! It will keep onlookers from knowing the truth about my greasy hair on Sunday/Monday!

It's safe to say that I definitely need to go shopping tomorrow! I wish I had a car because it would be so much easier then!

Sorry for the excessive rant/worrying blog post. I'll probably just wing it, and it will all be fine!

faye xoxo

Friday, 10 August 2012


For once, I'm going to do an outfit post. I don't have multiple pictures of this outfit like the majority of bloggers because this is a last minute lightbulb flash of an idea.

I went over to Liverpool last night with some friends and family. As it was student night and nobody else wore heels, I didn't want to wear heels. Then came the agony of what to wear to town without looking too casual with the lack of flats. Mum saved the day and found this skirt in my wardrobe that I had momentarily forgotton about.

I found the skirt in River Island's winter sales earlier this year in Kingston. It is a size 12 but fits nicely around the waist. It's a bit loose so I can move around in it. It is definitely going in my suitcase and off to Spain with me in a few weeks time! The bralet is also from River Island. I love the bows on the back which you obviously can't see here but they're really cute. Shoes are from New Look that I also bought months ago. The belt is off a different River Island skirt as I couldn't find this skirt's belt. Bangles are probably from Primark, and I think the ring is too!

I can't believe how long my hair is now! I'm unsure what to do about it. I definitely want to keep the length but I don't know whether I should have some layers cut into it, especially as I'll be living in Spain where my hair is going to stick to me all the time. I could just get it all cut off but I would never do that in a million years!

Today I spent the day watching Jenna Marbles videos, putting last nights pictures on Facebook, reading and sleeping. It was a relaxing day!

For the rest of the weekend, I'm taking my little cousin to Build-a-Bear for her belated birthday present. Then, I'm off to a BBQ tomorrow afternoon which will end up as a party tomorrow evening. Sunday I will spend the majority of the day relaxing, but I also want to do some writing for some websites. I really need to catch up on my writing! I haven't written much since I got back from Portugal three weeks ago.

Happy Summery Weekend!

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chilling With Friends

The next few weekends before I go to Spain are fully booked up seeing my friends and family. I will have a lot of photos and memories for when I get on that plane to leave for ten months!

This weekend, we are having an early birthday party/gathering for my friend Charlie because some of us are at V Festival next weekend (ahh, excitement). So, I thought that I would do a bit of a what to wear kinda post for chilled outdoor events such as BBQ's or picnics or walks in the park etc.

In all honesty, I won't be buying a new outfit for this weekend so I'll have to rummage through my clothes for a summer BBQ outfit, but I can take inspiration from these High Street outfits.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you do!

I say that now but hopefully I will post again before the weekend.

faye xoxo

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hollywood Icon: Marilyn

Today is the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. I have already published a HerUni article as I thought it would be good for the site to do so and I wanted to write it. You can read the full aritcle here.

As this is Senorita Glamourista, it seems fit to include a few extra glamorous shots of Miss Monroe to show how beautiful she really was.

Here's how to get her iconic look with a modern twist.

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Missguided

faye xoxo

Saturday, 4 August 2012


This month has so much going on for me! First off, four weeks on Sunday, I fly to Spain to start my new life (for the year) therefore there will be a load of goodbyes. There's a load of birthdays coming up so my bank account will want to cry and cry (I'm a spoiler), and there is a whole load of other stuff going on which will probably be mentioned later in this post!

A bit of inspiration for August above as always with one of my early SG posts at the start of a new month.

I have tried to show how busy August is in the collage/inspiration board below. I think I've fitted quite a lot on but there is so much happening in four short weeks that I couldn't fit absolutely everything on! For one, there are so many birthdays which means so many celebrations. I leave for Spain in less than a months time (scary!) which means goodbyes and leaving parties/meals. I hope that this month lives up to my expectations because I am so excited for the coming events, and I hope to create as many memories as possible!

(L-R) V festival with friends, Watching the Olympics and cheering for #TeamGB, BBQ parties with friends, Girly times, Going to crazy parties, Having me time, Getting my new tattoo, Birthday parties & surprises, Party time, Shopping (for Spain & birthday presents), Spending a lot of time with family, Attempting to pack one 20k suitcase with my whole life for Spain, Going to Chester Zoo & Creating as many memories as possible.

I should have added writing and reading in there too; I suppose they come under 'me time'. It is amazing and so surreal that I am off to live in another country in less than one month. I hate goodbyes aswell but I'm excited and ready to start a complete new chapter of my life and grab every opportunity!

Happy August!

faye xoxo