Wednesday, 22 August 2012

To Do Lists & Desks

On Monday I watched that Sarah Jessica Parker film I Don't Know How She Does It where she plays a working mum of two and she loves her job, tries to balance her whole life yadda yadda yadda. It's actually a really good film, and made me cry... just a little. Her whole life was about to do lists. What she had to do that day, call her toddlers nanny, make arrangements with another nanny, start a piece of her work, spend time with her husband etc. etc.

Obviously, it is a little bit different for me. One: I do not have children, am not married, do not have a mortgage, and all the rest of that adult stuff; Two: I have not established a career yet, although I am building one at the moment with all the writing I do; Three: I am not 45, or whatever age she is meant to be.

However, I do know that I want to keep my working life in order; as in uni work, online writing, this blog etc. I do need to be more organised in that respect. I write lists of articles I need to write all the time. Then I put them off, and put them off some more, before I physically HAVE to do them.

Also, when I go to Spain, I want to have a load of files to keep papers in order, stickers, highlighters, post-its, the lot, so that I can carry on writing for online publications such as HerUni, The405, Freedom Spark etc. as well as this blog (which will probably turn into more of a travel blog as the months go on).

There is an article in September's Glamour by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere blog. She can literally sort out your life when it comes to being organised!

This is what my desk looks like in my new Spanish home...

Yes, it is small but it is better than nothing. I think I will move the shelves right up next to the end of the bed and swing the desk around so that there is more wall space. Plus, the shelves will be next to the desk so it'll be easier for me to get important books/files off there when I am working.

In order to be organised, it's all about the stationary (which is the fun part!). I've bought my diary which I am already using, some project folders for important documents etc. I need to buy notebooks, pens, paper etc. which I might buy when I'm out there. I don't have a lot of suitcase allowance.

I need to get organised in my bedroom at home too! I need to find a load of important papers, sort my tip of a room out. I have shoes, magazines, books, jewellery etc. everywhere! I may have to do that tomorrow, as well as a few articles for websites, as well as sorting Spanish documents into folders.

I basically have tomorrow to sort my life out as this weekend is manic, as all bank holidays are. Then, I am off to London for a couple of days next week, as well as having a leaving party next Friday, a family meal Saturday, and I fly next Sunday! Life at the moment is literally a whirlwind, not that I'm complaining because I like life to be like that.

faye xoxo

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