Saturday, 4 August 2012


This month has so much going on for me! First off, four weeks on Sunday, I fly to Spain to start my new life (for the year) therefore there will be a load of goodbyes. There's a load of birthdays coming up so my bank account will want to cry and cry (I'm a spoiler), and there is a whole load of other stuff going on which will probably be mentioned later in this post!

A bit of inspiration for August above as always with one of my early SG posts at the start of a new month.

I have tried to show how busy August is in the collage/inspiration board below. I think I've fitted quite a lot on but there is so much happening in four short weeks that I couldn't fit absolutely everything on! For one, there are so many birthdays which means so many celebrations. I leave for Spain in less than a months time (scary!) which means goodbyes and leaving parties/meals. I hope that this month lives up to my expectations because I am so excited for the coming events, and I hope to create as many memories as possible!

(L-R) V festival with friends, Watching the Olympics and cheering for #TeamGB, BBQ parties with friends, Girly times, Going to crazy parties, Having me time, Getting my new tattoo, Birthday parties & surprises, Party time, Shopping (for Spain & birthday presents), Spending a lot of time with family, Attempting to pack one 20k suitcase with my whole life for Spain, Going to Chester Zoo & Creating as many memories as possible.

I should have added writing and reading in there too; I suppose they come under 'me time'. It is amazing and so surreal that I am off to live in another country in less than one month. I hate goodbyes aswell but I'm excited and ready to start a complete new chapter of my life and grab every opportunity!

Happy August!

faye xoxo

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