Thursday, 30 June 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Yesterday, it was the day Transformers 3 came out and it just happened to also be Orange Wednesday's meaning 2-4-1 offer. Perfecto for me and my boyfriend who both love the Transformers franchise.
Obviously, there has been a lot of drama surrounding the third and probably final part to the robotic story. Apparently, there has been mixed reviews due to the confusion of the narrative and of course the new female role.

The plot surrounds the end of the world as humans know it. Cybertron is the original home of the Autobots and Decepticons and now, it is coming to earth. This is the main storyline - about the decepticons taking over the world and using the human race as either slaves or to they would become extinct. Plus, a twist in the narrative, someone switches sides but I won't say who or which side.
It is jam-packed with action, especially the last fifty minutes with the huge battle scene which always gets the audience on the edge of their seats. The camera flips from scene to scene quick, easy so that the audience doesn't miss one thing.
Even Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whitely) plays her role in the huge battle like Megan Fox did in Transformers 2.

This brings me to the battle of the girls.
Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

The Transformers girls are always near cars, it seems...

So, there are different rumours as to why Megan Fox is not in Transformers 3. From her point of view, she wanted to leave the franchise. I, however, believe the other side: she was sacked. Who would want to leave one of the biggest selling franchises in the world? She would be a complete psycho for leaving! I believe she was sacked and I know that it hurts me to say it because I loved her in the previous two films.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely wanted to try new things and different career paths as she has been a model for the past nine years. She was excited to be chosen, especially as a newcomer to the Hollywood business. She is a Brit which obviously means she brings that sultry, well spoken voice to the film making her seem like a very sexy choice for the new female lead.

Acting wise, it is obvious that Megan Fox has more experience, but give RHW her due, she does do a good job and she makes the drama more dramatic which is what the film needs. One annoying thing (which in the situation any girl would) she screamed a lot! She was more the girly girl character whereas Megan Fox would have toughened the role up a bit. It is a change in character afterall.

Both women are young and sexy. No-one can deny that and if you did and you did it in front of me, I would shoot you, in the face.
I wouldn't but you can't deny it.
Anyway, both girls are at complete opposite ends which is a good thing because if Carly was exactly the same as Michaela, the fans would think that this new girlfriend was just a copycat of the other.
Fox is the dark haired beauty whereas RHW is the angelic blond and both actresses bring their beauty to very different roles.

As I was watching the film during the take over of the world, I was wondering where Megan Fox's character would be right now. Would she be dead? Or would she be on a motorbike somewhere in the dessert, racing away from the Decepticons. I'd like to think the latter. Also, I thought: is Sam thinking about his last girlfriend right now? Hoping that she's okay? I doubt it because he was so set on saving Carly.

That brings me to Shia LeBeouf. What a great actor and comedian. He makes me laugh so much! The way he reacts to things in the film is hilarious because he is overexaggerative and he screams for about five seconds longer when he is safe which some might see as something to get over. Nevertheless, he shows an emotional side throughout the film to his friends, the Autobots, especially bumblebee when there is a scene in the film full of suspense filled with emotion.

I have just read that Shia LeBeouf has just resigned the Transformer franchise stating that there is nowhere for his character Sam Whitwickey to now grow to. LeBoeuf feels that he has done all that the character will allow him to do.


What do you think of it?

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Old School Glamour

The other day, I popped in to see the boyfriend and he was watching King Kong, the remake. I do like the film but I think that I have to be in the mood to watch it. I got thinking to myself how everything in technology has changed from the time of the original. However, movies were said to have been amazing back then, especially at the beginning of Hollywood. Imagine living in Hollywood and you saw the likes of Marilyn Monroe walking out of a set. How immense would that have been!
I just thought that a could post a blog showing the glamour icons and the men and women that today's actors look up to.

The next two pictures are to show how far technology has come since the 1930s!

Can you believe the difference?

faye xoxo

North Vs. South

With Geordie Shore over as well as The Only Way is Essex I am inclined to post a blog about the two.
I first started watching TOWIE in university at Easter when there was only me and one other flatmate there who is from Essex and so we had a routine everyday of sunbathing, revision/coursework, going out and then we would watch TOWIE. I have to admit that I never had any intentions of watching the programme. It's safe to say that I became a little addicted to it and watched the rest of the season when I could. God bless itvplayer!

After TOWIE had finished there was a little hole in my free time and then along came Geordie Shore, the partygoers of The Tyne! Completely different to TOWIE, eight people are thrown into a house together BB style and told that the one rule is that you have to work to keep your place. Fair enough when everything is fine and dandy between the housemates, but when there has been an explosion between two people and they're told that they have to work together the next day, it makes good television. All the antics of the house were hilarious and shocking. And I mean shocking. I cannot wait for the Magaluf special which has already earned the nickname shagaluf!

I've gotta say though that I'm gonna stick up for the Northerner's!

Plus, Liverpool is going to have a taste of both the shows apparently with The Only Way Is Liverpool and Mersey Shore. The Pilot of TOWIL has already been filmed!
Apparently Liverpool is the place to be and I am here.
I <3 Liverpool.

faye xoxo

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Queen B

times two!

A dedication to the Queen B of music and the Queen B of drama.
You have probably guessed both:
Bootylicious Beyoncé and Queen Bitch Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester.

I, for one, love both their styles, their successes and how they rock their body shapes.
I was watching Beyoncé on the Glastonbury highlights on TV and I just could not take my eyes off her! She has got such curves and her legs are not stick thin (a lot like my own) therefore Beyoncé is my new person to look to for body hang ups because I have a lot of those like all girls do, but her legs and my legs are quite similar (apart from the fact that hers are very strong and she can dance in heels for eight hours straight).
Her costumes are amazing in her shows and her style is great as her is customized to her body shape.
I <3 Beyoncé Knowles!

Now then, for the other Queen B... Miss Blair aka Leighton Meester.
In Gossip Girl, she always looks so pristine and perfect but in real life, Leighton Meester likes to rock her style up a bit, more rough around the edges which is lucky for her because she can pull anything off.

There you have it.
Two of the Queen's in showbiz.

faye xoxo

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Working Girl

It's official, I am a working girl once again. Finally!
Last night was my first shift at Leasowe Castle for a wedding party in the Victoria Bar/Function Suite. It was a small bar and there was me and another girl on it. She was mega lovely and helped me a lot!
It is safe to say that I loved it and I mean loved it. It's weird that I can say that I loved work because who does when it is a part time summer job at the age of nineteen and not my career choice which you all know of course.
Leasowe Castle is beautiful also which made it a better environment to work in because I know that I am working in a great place with high expectations which holds loads of different functions. For example, last night there was also a prom taking place downstairs and I got a sneak peak of all the dresses. Although, it is safe to say that I (a nineteen year old) feel old looking at how sixteen year olds dress with the over-the-top make up and fake tans! It's unreal how the majority of them looked older than me and they were sixteen! I feel old when I say this but, what happened to au natural beauty?
Anyway, great night in a great place!

I will be getting money this summer!

faye xoxo

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Book Review: Water for Elephants

Usually with books it takes me a while to get into it and then I can never put it down. However, with Sarah Gruen's bestselling novel, I couldn't put ut down during the first chapters, especially with Mr Jankowski as the ninety (or ninety three) year old witty, sarcastic senior. I prefer this Jacob Jankowski just because of the sheer humour and how his speech made me laugh out loud.
The middle was when I could put the book down. It would take me a while to pick it back up again. Days would literally go by before I read another page. I found things to write about for Senorita Glamourista and enjoyed spending time with friends and family.
Nevertheless, here we are.
I took Water for Elephants to York with me hoping that during the two and a half hour car journey I'd be bored and not flowing with ideas for my story. Therefore, I'd start reading it again, giving the novel actual time before I lay it aside again.
Instead, I fell asleep due to getting up before I usually arise.
So instead, the night before I was to return home, I picked up Gruen's novel and read a chapter, then another chapter and another and another and finally I fell in love with it again.
The story of the young Jacob Jankowski picked up with the affair became clearer to me. Jacob's love for Marlena was so passionate it was close to a fairy tale romance and with Marlena's husband, August (a bad tempered animal tamer with the evil role in a fairy tale), in the way it was nearly impossible.
Then another bit of circus flavour was thrown into the mix - Rosie, an elephant and protagonist of the story.
The love between Jaco and Rosie is a heartfelt part of the narrative. He shows her affection and she replies with cheeky smiles and human-like gestures. Gruen also illustrates Rosie as a joker. Perhaps the joker of the large circus family she now belongs to.
August is cruel to her through misunderstanding and she retaliates by embarrassing him infront of his audiences. It is humorous and made me side with Rosie even more so. Even Rosie being a murderer made me smile a little as she did it with such glee and I understood why she did it.
That happened during the main act of the novel. The huge stampede and the collapse of The Benzini Brothers Circus. This part of the novel, nearing the end is something no reader will be able to let go of. It is full of excitement and anxiety all at the same time as Gruen's words tumble after one another, making you feel like you are a part of one of the greatest accidents in circus history.
The end is a fantastic way to finish the novel with the ninety three year old Jacob Jankowski returning home, to the circus.

faye xoxo

Guest Wedding Hair!

Two weeks this Friday I will be attending a family wedding and I still do not know what to do with my hair as it is pretty long and I can do pretty much anything with it. Also, another dilemma to add to this scenario is my best friend/hair stylist is on holiday in France aka not here. Therefore, I have to do my hair myself or sneakily twist my mum's arm into helping me out. The latter option will probably happen.
As for the dresses (yes, I am going all out like an A-Lister and wearing two outfits, one for the reception and one for the evening) they will probably need the hair to be up and out of the way, especially the evening dress.

The dresses...

The hair style that my best friend/hair stylist did for my 18th birthday and for prom is the one that I am most likely going to go for.
It was taken from Gossip Girl in Season Two, Serena at the White Party.

Of course, there are bouffent styles also which are like the above, but I think that the style that I had for two occasions last year can be recycled into this year.

Step by Step
1. Back comb hair at top and pull back.
2. Part hair in half horizontally and tie into two pony tails whilst leaving a few pieces loose at the front.
3. Curl all of hair, leaving two pieces loose.
4. Pin each curl into itself until all curls are pinned.
5. With the looses pieces, plait them and wrap around bun, pin at bottom.
5. With remaining pieces of hair at front, plait and pin around head.

Et Voila!

faye xoxo