Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

It is the day that is dedicated to the dad's of the world and sometimes, I admit, I don't appreciate my Dad enough. Sometimes I take him for granted and I forget that not everyone has the privilege of having one.
As a result, this post is dedicated to my dad.
Love you Padre!

He is the one to blame for my obsession with Queen, not Her Royal Highness, but the band fronted by Mr Freddie Mercury.

Apparently, according to my Dad, the first song I sang was 'We Will Rock You' which obviously came to be my favourite Queen song. I based my entire AS media coursework around the Fan's point of view of Queen, obviously interviewing my Dad and taking a picture of him and some randomers from a pub to go as the front page as the 'impersonaters' of Queen. It went down well and I got an A for it.
My Dad loves Freddie so much that he got a tattoo of the second image on his arm.
That is dedication for you and another way that my dad has influenced me.

Tattoos: If you have read my blog previously, you may have come across a post that contained my three tattoos. I also blame and thank my Dad for this too.
He got his first tattoo when he was ten years old, green ink and the tiniest dot. Shame he was pinned down by his brothers to get it. As a result, since a baby, I've seen my dad with tattoos. For some of them, such as a fish on his forearm, a bull lower down his forearm, a dedication to his sisters on his forearm again and a dedication to my cousin at the top of his arm, I witnessed them being created. 
You could say I was hooked on tattoos when I was younger, I love the smell and the noise and sitting in that dark little back room had some exciting memories. 
My Dad persuaded my Mum to let me get a tattoo underage because I knew what I wanted and secretly he probably thought I wasn't going to go through with it! I proved him wrong even when he laughed and left me alone with the tattooist (his from when I was a child) and my best friend holding my hand.

Those are the two major influences that my Dad has had on my life apart from being there and threatening to kill any boy who hurts me, which is pretty much standard for every father. It must be an unwritten rule or something.

Appreciate what you have and love you dad even if it's a secret!

faye xoxo

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