Saturday, 25 June 2011

Working Girl

It's official, I am a working girl once again. Finally!
Last night was my first shift at Leasowe Castle for a wedding party in the Victoria Bar/Function Suite. It was a small bar and there was me and another girl on it. She was mega lovely and helped me a lot!
It is safe to say that I loved it and I mean loved it. It's weird that I can say that I loved work because who does when it is a part time summer job at the age of nineteen and not my career choice which you all know of course.
Leasowe Castle is beautiful also which made it a better environment to work in because I know that I am working in a great place with high expectations which holds loads of different functions. For example, last night there was also a prom taking place downstairs and I got a sneak peak of all the dresses. Although, it is safe to say that I (a nineteen year old) feel old looking at how sixteen year olds dress with the over-the-top make up and fake tans! It's unreal how the majority of them looked older than me and they were sixteen! I feel old when I say this but, what happened to au natural beauty?
Anyway, great night in a great place!

I will be getting money this summer!

faye xoxo

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