Saturday, 4 June 2011

She's from the Block

It is the beautiful 
Jennifer Lopez

I love her! She has an amazing voice, an amazing body, amazing videos and amazing music! 
(Yes, I did just use amazing four times!)
She has just come back to the spotlight after having a break for family life and I do not blame her! If I had two beautiful toddler twins like her, I would definitely take time out of the lime light and play with them all day long.

Just look at them...


This morning, I saw J.Lo's new video for I'm Into You ft. Lil Wayne and I just love it. It's hot, sexy, has beautiful clothes in it, a great dance sequence and the location looks fabulous! 
I'm carrying on with the summer theme here.

First, the dresses! 
I love them all of course and obviously Jennifer Lopez can carry them all off because she has curves and is toned! As if that happens in real life! I wish it did! Seriously
She has about five different outfit changes in this 4 minute 20 second video which nearly ratios at a dress a minute.

This little number shows off her toned legs fabulously and it shimmers in the sunlight adding that extra sparkle that every girl needs. The laid back wet hair adds to the casualness of the entire outfit making it look like something that we can all pull off. 

This dress I absolutely adore! It is backless... need I say more? The split up the leg and the flowing material makes it look beautiful and easy to wear. She looks magnificent, like a goddess coming down from above to Earth. 

This outfit looks like it would be so much fun to dance in. It swishes and it swooshes with an edgy feel to it also. It looks like it is Caribbean and African style giving the entire scene an exotic feel. 

The sea! 
And the man! 
He is a stunner and deserves to be topless in this video. If I were Marc Anthony, I'd be a tinsy winsy bit scared. 

The song is great also! It is definitely a summer tune with the beats and the melody along with rapper Lil Wayne. 
I love the whole thing.

faye xoxo

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