Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Twilight Mania

It is obvious to any friend who knows me that I am a Twi-hard... I love the books as well as the films and I love the stars, characters, location, everything.

This post was inspired by the brand new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn which I saw yesterday morning! I have been watching imdb.com for most days, waiting for any new updates of the November 18th film and I saw the trailer on facebook! 
I was so excited that I clicked the link straight away and watched the trailer twice over. 

It illustrates all the characters emotions as they prepare for the wedding including Edward's happiness, Jacob's anger and Charlie's fear and worry as well as the Volturi's pleasure. 

There is no doubt that I will go to the UK premiere of the film later this year which will no doubt be in Westfields, a mere twenty minute drive away from me, as other huge blockbusters have been premiered there such as Water for Elephants, POTC4 and, more recently, Kung Fu Panda 2

The Twilight Saga is what inspired me to start writing my story in Christmas 2008, three years ago. I have written over 70,000 words which is saved on my old and broken laptop which I desperately need! 
A common theme between the two (as it always is with dark romances) is unrequited love. 

Stephenie Meyer's writing sparked a love between a vampire and a human which makes everything in the world tip upside down for the characters, something that a reader wants to read about: their anger, their frustration, their pain and eventually, their triumph. 
This saga spreads their love across four amazing books that I personally, could not put down! I loved reading them late at night, in bed, with the lamp on so I could disappear into their world. A mystical world full of dark creatures that a person can only dream about, or have nightmares about. 

The films on the other hand put everything onto screen and believe me, you want to watch it in the big screen! All the drama and action is to be watched on the big screen. 
It is difficult to choose my favourite film as they are all different from one another due the different directors. 
At first, I wondered whether new directors would be a bad thing, bringing new equations to something that another director had already given. However, it is as if the first director, Catherine Hardwicke planted the roots of the tree and every other director has spurted a new branch, each branch getting higher as the films become more triumphant. Yet, they are all planted to the same trunk, keeping the simplicities of the story linked close to the novel, and the place where everyone fell in love with the story. 

Just waiting for the official Breaking Dawn poster now.

It is very exciting! 

It is evident that the Twilight cast are a close knit group off screen as well as on screen.

An amazing saga created by Stephenie Meyer, inspired by one dream.

faye xoxo

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