Wednesday, 29 June 2011

North Vs. South

With Geordie Shore over as well as The Only Way is Essex I am inclined to post a blog about the two.
I first started watching TOWIE in university at Easter when there was only me and one other flatmate there who is from Essex and so we had a routine everyday of sunbathing, revision/coursework, going out and then we would watch TOWIE. I have to admit that I never had any intentions of watching the programme. It's safe to say that I became a little addicted to it and watched the rest of the season when I could. God bless itvplayer!

After TOWIE had finished there was a little hole in my free time and then along came Geordie Shore, the partygoers of The Tyne! Completely different to TOWIE, eight people are thrown into a house together BB style and told that the one rule is that you have to work to keep your place. Fair enough when everything is fine and dandy between the housemates, but when there has been an explosion between two people and they're told that they have to work together the next day, it makes good television. All the antics of the house were hilarious and shocking. And I mean shocking. I cannot wait for the Magaluf special which has already earned the nickname shagaluf!

I've gotta say though that I'm gonna stick up for the Northerner's!

Plus, Liverpool is going to have a taste of both the shows apparently with The Only Way Is Liverpool and Mersey Shore. The Pilot of TOWIL has already been filmed!
Apparently Liverpool is the place to be and I am here.
I <3 Liverpool.

faye xoxo

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