Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I was one of the 120,000(!) people attending Hyde Park yesterday to watch the marriage of Will & Kate. 

Hana and I rose from bed and got ready. Heels were nearly worn. I am so glad beyond relief that I didn't wear them due to the grass, uneven roads, tubes and the fact that hardly anyone there wore them or even got dressed up!
We, at least, dressed smartly for the occasion. 

We found a space near the front of the three massive screens which had the Royal Wedding coming through loud and clear (and live). 
That's it girls, Will has gone...
Harry lock your doors at night!

I cannot express enough how excited and patriotic the atmosphere was! It was phenomenal how many people turned out, some even dressed up in wedding dresses, the royal guards and there was even a 60s union jack dress out and about! 
I wish I had a camera that actually worked to illustrate all this! Honestly, it was just fab!

After getting a little tearful at the wedding, it was time for food and the drinking started! Or carried on in some cases!
Chilli on a jacket potato... YUM!

And!... there were free photo booths! The kinds like in America were you can get a strip of four different pictures! 
I was not ready for the first one. It was quite hilarious (this was before the drinking). 

Dancing around to the band that was playing great music... a lot was MJ so I was happy. 

Images of Hyde Park...

I was one of those people!

At around 4pm, Hana and I left the park and went on to Camden for a bit of shopping. In the Wedding mind, I was looking for a dress for my cousin's which is in July! I need a new dress! And I am determined to shape up for it! 

I bought one thing: a necklace and earring combo, elephant style. 
I didn't find a dress, sadly. 

We left at around 7pm, so it is safe to say that after a ten and a half hour day, our legs were aching and I wanted to climb into my PJ's. 

Roll on my night out in Croydon! 
Tiger Tiger here I come! 

faye xoxo

P.S. Hana wrote me a letter whilst she was a tad drunk that I said I would post on here: 

I'm Hana
I'm drunk
laa laa laa
I <3 Faye 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Break & Katy Perry

I have just completed a second draft of one of my essays.
One out of two = DONE! 
Although I am going to review it tomorrow, just in case.

This is a work break for me and I wanted to share the love for Katie Perry! 
I am just listening to her on juicefm Liverpool (yes, I still listen to a Liverpool station although I am in London) 
The song was of course the new hit E.T! 

The music of it is incredible and the collaboration with is one that should be repeated. 
I love the amazing hair and make-up that Katy Perry has going on! Seriously, I want to try it out but I have not got the confidence to do it! 
Maybe one day. 


This would be an outstanding unique new fancy dress outfit at your next party:
Beautiful Extra Terrestrial

Think bright blues and purples, eye contacts and a luscious long flowy red dress.
Then you're good to go! 

faye xoxo

Mountain of Work

This is what I look like today,

It's a bit of exaggeration to be honest, but it's what I feel like considering that I've got to do two essays by this Friday. It is Wednesday.
Ok, so I have done a first draft of one of them, but you should see the amount of highlights on the pages from my tutor! 
And the other: my worst enemy, the demon in my life and the nightmare of my first year, Critical Skills! 
Hate is a strong word, but I will use it in this case...
I hate Critical Skills! 
That is probably why I skipped eight weeks of it... my bad! 
Anyway, because of the dreaded subject, I trekked all the way to Euston to the British Library to get some criticism for this essay. Bear in mind that this is the only good thing of the whole subject because I was pretty sure I was going to write an amazing essay. 
So, I spend about two hours travelling there (I could have gone home to Liverpool in this time), get my picture taken and give in my details for a Readers pass and find out they don't even have it there, in the Library. 
I have to order it which takes 48 hours. However, the library isn't open on Friday because of the Royal Wedding. 
So, thanks to the future King and Queen, I have to rethink a whole essay for one and a half days! 
No disrespect to them, I cannot wait to watch it and wave the British Flag as well as playing the royal drinking game, but I might not be able to as I will probably be in my stuffy room, writing with steam coming out of my ears!

Rant over.

Here's a few pictures;

The library is amazing though! 
And that last image is exactly me in three short sentences.

Much love!

faye xoxo

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Boston meets Ireland

When I was at home last week, my parents and I watched Leap Year one night. My choice of course. It is a love story, of course, about a young red-headed American woman with OCD who wants to propose to her boyfriend on the 29th February in Ireland. It is an Irish tradition. She goes through hell to get to Ireland, rain storms and a rickety boat are not the greatest pair and meets a handsome dark Irish man. 
Irish accent. Swoon.
It is the classic love-hate relationship and when she realises that her boyfriend is not the person she wants to be with any longer, she returns to Ireland.
True and they lived happily ever after ending.

She is obsessed with her Louis Vuitton suitcase aka Louis. 

This film just makes me want to travel to Ireland and go for long walks everyday, find a random place to stay for the night, cook a meal from scratch, drink till close in country lane pubs and look out to sea on the highest cliffs. 
I will go one day. I have to. 
Perfect Getaway with a loved one. 


faye xoxo

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Return to London!

I have returned to London and after five and a half hours of travelling, I had less than an hour to get ready before leaving for the Party Bus! 

The night:
7pm - Get on bus
7:45pm - Enter Strawberry Moons
9:30pm - Get on bus
9:50pm - Enter Zoo Bar
11pm - Get on bus
11:15pm - Enter Bar Rumba
12:15am - Get on bus
12:45am - Enter Sway
2:10am - Get on bus
3:00 - Enter Roehampton University

Whilst on the bus, the music was blasting away and everyone was on the top deck dancing around, through the aisle and on the seats. It was marvellous! 
And the amount of people who were looking at us from the streets below (I sound like a proper pompous prat now! I'm not, honestly!) It was immense how many people actually took photographs of us. Seriously, I felt like a celeb getting chauffeured around London Town.

A few piccies...

Me and some of the girls from Newman 3! 
Amazing night for an amazing birthday with amazing friends! 

faye xoxo

Water for Elephants

You can't deny that the next Hollywood hit which premiers in Leicester Square on the third of May is going to be fabulous. 
Water for Elephants is not only deemed to have a great story line but has two of the most famous actors (and stars) of today. The gorgeous Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon plays the star in a circus as well as the wife of the circus owner and along with the Twilight star Mr Robert Pattinson, you know that there will be a beautiful love story twisted into the narrative. 

The movie is based on a best-selling novel by Sara Gruen, writer of Riding Lessons and Ape House. It seems that all her stories surround animals which is effective in the movie world. 
For me, movies with animals in are amazing! I love them! From films like Black Beauty to Free Willy to Two Brothers, I love them all! 

Now that I have learnt about the film, although I haven't seen it yet, believe me I'm desperate!, I think that one of my summer reads will definitely be this. It is everything that I want in a novel: love (unrequited of course!), animals, an actual story with hope rushing through its' veins! 

A few images from the film including posters, 

Now then, this is an amazing piece of photography! I love the way Robert Pattinson and the elephant are so comfortable around each other as well! 

A beautiful woman in a beautiful red dress! It is a known fact that red on a woman can get a man's heart racing a thousand miles, and Reese Witherspoon knows how to work it with those 1930s curls and rouge lips! 

Get the look: 

Image 1: £760 Alexander Mcqueen
Image 2: £995 Alexander Mcqueen
Image 3: £25
Image 4: £25
Image 5: £40
Image 6: £50

Team a red dress with red lipstick, a slick of black eye liner and mascara with curled hair and you are ready for the circus ladies! 

faye xoxo

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Girl & Wolf

The new film Red Riding Hood is out now starring Amanda Seyfried and believe me, it is one of my top picks. 
I have been following the progress of the Twilight director's film since I fell upon it late last November. From the trailers, I can see a dark thriller filled with unrequited love which is of course something that everyone wants although the whole Romeo & Juliet scenario is becoming a bit overrated (I'm still a huge fan of the genre!) Also, it seems that the genre of the fantastic is back once again with the fantastic one being the werewolf which is one of the new big plots of Hollywood cinema. 
Just think of the following: 
The Vampire Diaries
The Wolfman
Van Helsing

However, this story has come a long way since the story was told to the famous Brothers Grimm by their grandmother in the mid-nineteenth century where a little girl in a red hood goes through the woods to her grandmothers house only to be faced with the Big Bad Wolf.

The truth is, there are connotations of a red hood meaning prostitute as the hoods are what they used to wear early in the sixteenth century. Therefore, the innocent fairytale Little Red Riding Hood
could be seen as a child prostitute full of sexual connotations. 
Now, the 2011 hit film has a hint of sex all the way through because unrequited love generally links with passion. 
This film is no fairytale so it seems. 

Theses images are to die for in the regeneration of the fairytale theme in fashion society, especially the latter with the long white dress that reminds me of a simple wedding dress cloaked in a blood red hood and the surrounding wolves are a touch of reality. 

The film is a must see! 
I cannot wait to see how Catherine Hardwicke has presented the old tale but there is no doubt that every scene is beautiful. 

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Catch Up

Dear all you bloggers,
It's been over a week since I last posted! The weeks been pretty hectic! I've been doing a lot of procrastinating to be honest with you; I have three essays to perfect and two exams to revise for: Spanish Language and Spanish History. Great.
Plus, as I've been home in Wallasey for the past two and a half weeks, I've been catching up with my friends and family. 
Parties, both in the house and in a hall. 
Shamefully I've only been out out once. Unacceptable. 

This is the book that I have to read: A Concise History of Latin America. You would think that it is completely boring to read but it is actually really interesting although sometimes I just cannot be bothered!

Last night, it was one of my closest friends birthday party, a house party which seem to be all I seem to be going to as all the eighteenths for me were last year! 

This was the two Fazza's at Fazza K's eighteenth last year! 
It is safe to say that we have changed a lot although I don't actually have any pictures of last night as of yet but I'll update of how we look a year later! 
Very different. 

It is amazing how a person can change in a year, even within a few months. And I cannot believe that it has been a year since this! It is crazy

So, there is the catch up of a week full of work and parties. 
The next few blogs will be film related: 
Red Riding Hood
Water for Elephants
Leap Year

Happy reading!

faye xoxo

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rock N Roll

Porcelain Black.
New girl on the block. 

I came across her video on youtube a while back and it is getting addictive! I love it. 
Featuring Lil Wayne too, this rock girl isn't doing so bad for herself, especially for her first hit single! 

Porcelain Black is eccentric and it seems to me that it's unlikely she take s**t from anyone which is what we need for a 21st century girl. 

I look forward to hearing more from her and hope to God that more strong women liker her come out of their shells and create an astounding song that will both shock and entertain their audiences. 

faye xoxo

Saturday, 9 April 2011


There's something about mermaids this month and next. 

Last Thursday, when I was still in Roehampton, my friend and I decided to watch The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea online. After about 38 minutes of the film, it froze and we couldn't get it to work and by that point I had to go and let my boyfriend onto campus. So, we'd watched half of it and the idea of a mermaid film stuck in my head. I finally watched the rest of the film online at home instead of doing work early last week and it's safe to say that that night, I had the mermaid idea floating around my head. 

So, the idea.... a 21st century film version of The Little Mermaid, but with a twist. I want it to be a dark thriller with the plot being full of revenge. Whether that is a good idea or not, I will never know unless I threw it at some big producers in Hollywood which is as likely as me shaving my head (I'm obsessed(!) with my long hair). 
I'll still continue on with creating and moulding it into an idea, a precis and maybe even a script and will keep you posted! 
The link to anything about any of my ideas for film or stories will be under the link Project

Another reason for the post about mermaids is the new Pirates of the Caribbean film... On Stranger Tides. 
I cannot wait to see it! Not only does it have the ever so gorgeous and hilariously hysterical Johnny Depp in it for the fourth time, it has La Encantadora aka Penélope Cruz whom I absolutely adore! 
On this voyage across the Seven Seas, the thing that Mr Depp, or should I say Jack Sparrow, I mean, Captain Jack Sparrow, needs is a mermaid who are devious creatures that lure young men into the sea to face only their deaths. 
It will be as exciting as ever although Disney are (sadly) leaving behind Elizabeth Swan and the gorgeous(!) Will Turner. 

After this film, mermaids are destined to become big both on page and on screen.

faye xoxo