Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hola and Welcome!

Hello fellow glamouristas! 
Welcome to my new blog which is basically an online diary about my inspirations, fashion, music, film, art... anything that you can find in a monthly will appear at some point on this page and I hope you like it! 

The name Señorita Glamourista has a few meanings to me: I study Spanish (as well as English Literature) in uni and love everything and anything to do with Spain and Latin America. As for Glamourista, the UK's biggest magazine for women Glamour is my favourite magazine and everyone likes to have that little sparkle of glamour in their lives don't they? This can be yours as well as mine. 

A tad about me...
It has been seven months since I left home to move to London for university, Roehampton University to be exact. I should have started this blog a while back being a girl from Liverpool breaking into the Big City, but that's life down there... things are so fast paced that I never seem to have much time on my hands but I will make time for this! 

So, I'm a bit eccentric, love to party (as I write this I am currently thinking about tonight... a night out in my home town of Liverpool with my friends!). I love my friends and my family, love food and alcohol although I shouldn't say it because you might think I love it too much... not true. I love the public eye, as in magazines, film and literature (not as in me wanting to be the centre of attention). 

You see I want it all and that is definitely the greedy side of me! I want to write a novel, write for film and write for magazines (the massive monthly glossy's would be extra nice!) and that is the dream. 

So, there you have it... it is a little bit about me and what you will see in the blog posts.

These images are a little bit of what I like and also a little bit of inspiration. 
                                                 Hope you enjoy!

                                                   faye xoxo

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