Saturday, 23 April 2011

Return to London!

I have returned to London and after five and a half hours of travelling, I had less than an hour to get ready before leaving for the Party Bus! 

The night:
7pm - Get on bus
7:45pm - Enter Strawberry Moons
9:30pm - Get on bus
9:50pm - Enter Zoo Bar
11pm - Get on bus
11:15pm - Enter Bar Rumba
12:15am - Get on bus
12:45am - Enter Sway
2:10am - Get on bus
3:00 - Enter Roehampton University

Whilst on the bus, the music was blasting away and everyone was on the top deck dancing around, through the aisle and on the seats. It was marvellous! 
And the amount of people who were looking at us from the streets below (I sound like a proper pompous prat now! I'm not, honestly!) It was immense how many people actually took photographs of us. Seriously, I felt like a celeb getting chauffeured around London Town.

A few piccies...

Me and some of the girls from Newman 3! 
Amazing night for an amazing birthday with amazing friends! 

faye xoxo

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