Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Writing Stuff

Before I went on holiday to Portugal, I set myself a massive task of completing fourteen articles in the space of two days. These were for HerUni, Pillow Magazine, Freedom Spark & The 405.

I felt like a proper freelancer under pressure the days before my holiday, and I'm glad I did it so that I enjoyed my holiday that much more! I love writing as you all know, and that experience that I set myself made me realise that writing will be my career, and if it's not, I have no idea what I will do with my life!

A sneak peek of my HerUni writers page... more of which you can find here.

I wrote six or seven articles days before I went to Portugal for HerUni. I need to think of more ideas for more articles!

For Freedom Spark, the gig came around because I know the lovely editor Katie through working in the University café last year. I follow her on Twitter and saw that she wanted some new writers to review films for her site. I reviewed Snow White & The Huntsman as well as the beautifully made Moonrise Kingdom.

And, lastly (for now), The 405. I wrote this article a while back about the Olympics. I had this idea for an article for months, and told my editor the idea when I first started writing for The 405. You can read the full article here.

So, that is it for Writing Stuff for now. I have done quite a lot of writing this month (in a week or so) and should find time to do more in August. I have a lot going on in August which will come in a post tomorrow (hopefully!)

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Floral Designs

Another tattoo post full of floral designs and inspiration...

There are so many floral designs out there! I've never really realised how beautiful floral tattoos are until now!
Just a little post of tattoo inspiration!

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sun. Sand. Sea.

The title pretty much explains itself. I went on holiday to Portugal nearly two weeks ago, and came back last Friday. It was eight days in 30 degree heat with my family. It was a lovely holiday, and the beaches in and around Tavira, Faro are beautiful! There is a kind of camping site on Ilha de Tavira which I'd love to go to with friends (and it's really cheap!).

I went to the beach twice during the eight days we were there, and opted for a relaxing day by the pool when my family went to the beach for the third time which was bliss! I even swam 100 lengths to kickstart a new health and fitness regime whilst on holiday!

Beach Outfit 1:

Hat: Can't remember.
Bikini: Matalan
Shorts: Republic

Beach Outfit 2:

Bikini: Matalan
Playsuit: Primark

That hat was a God-send on holiday. It kept my head cool, and it went with everything during the day! I got it a while ago so have no idea where I bought it. It was probably somewhere like Primark or Matalan or New Look. I needed some new bikinis for my jollies. Mum bought me two brand new ones from Matalan a while back. They're great because they're strapless but come with an attatchable strap. I have to wear strapless bikinis on holiday because I hate tan lines around my shoulders and back. I've got a tan line across my back now and I'm not loving it. I'll be in Spain soon so that will sort that tan line out! The Republic shorts are so comfy! They suit me because I've got quite chunky thighs so they don't strain across them, and are cut diagonally instead of straight across which is better! (Attention all pear shapes!) And finally my little beach playsuit. I bought this about two/three years ago I think. I've also got a black one with a floral design. They are mega comfy and easy to throw on over a bikini/costume. It's really light material so you can fit more in your suitcase!

Tavira Day Outfit:

Hat: Same as before
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Same as before
Sandals: New Look

I know that you can't see any shorts but I promise you that I am wearing some! I got quite a lot of use out of these shorts this week. The top I bought when I spent a LOT of money in Topshop in Putney a while back. Again, it's light and easy to wear. Usually, I hate wearing sandals because the bit inbetween the toes irritates me. These sandals on the other hand are so comfy! I wore them everyday, and have worn them most days since my holiday! They were definitely a good buy!

All of us went out for dinner three times during the week to see what the local restaurants were like. I only have two outfits to show as I spilt liquor over my camera and broke it two nights before leaving!

Evening Oufit 1:

Dress & belt: Rock Bottom
Sandals: As before.

Excuse my eyes being half closed! It always happens to me with camera flashes. This dress is the dress I bought in the last what I bought today post. I bought it from a small boutique in Chester. It is comfortable, is made from lovely material, and is my favourite style right now - the hi-lo skirt.

Evening Outfit 2:

(with my padre)

Slide: New Look
Dress: New Look

I love this dress because it makes me feel like a mermaid. I love the colours, the patterns, and most definitely, the way it falls completely to the floor. I have to hoist it up when I'm walking around (not good when there's hay on the floor!); it is still a lovely dress.
I decided to do a fishtail plait this night to go with my personal theme/style of under the sea/mermaid-esque, which was quick and simple to do. You can find my own video on a blog post very early on, near the beginning of this blog.

All in all, I have a fabulous holiday with my family, and actually had quite a lot of outfit shots taken without realising. Maybe this could be the start of outfit posting. Who knows?!

faye xoxo

Friday, 6 July 2012

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part IV

This is the last instalment of The HerUni Festival Guide. You now know about the wellies, the fashion, and the essentials. There could be a lot more posts about festivals like where to go, what type of festival goer you are etc.
This final post is a warning aka the boring part. It is the part which you all know from countless years of your parents telling you variations of ‘Be Safe’ or ‘Be aware’ or ‘Be conscious of the things around you’ etc. etc. I will still write about it despite being boring (but necessary!). Instead of your elders giving you this advice, I will as someone your own age who is also going to a festival later this summer. I won’t be nagging you until your ears fall off, and I’ll only tell you once, unless you, the reader, decide to repeatedly read this post.

1. Take condoms. They are free. There’s no excuse.
2. Don’t feel pressured. Do not feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to, be it drugs of any kind, or sex with someone.
3. Always be with someone you know. Don’t go wandering off. You may never find them again, until the end of the festival.
4. Finally… have the best weekend of your life. Live in the moment and have no regrets.

Images: company.co.uk

faye xoxo

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part III

Part I and Part II of The HerUni Festival Guide have been all about the fashion which are here and here.
Part III is all about the essentials that you should take to that long-awaited festival.

Cleansing Wipes
We need cleansing wipes in everyday life as it is, but during your weekend at a festival, you’re going to most likely get mud on you at some point. This is where cleansing wipes are extremely useful. Also, you’re not really going to have time or the facilities (unless you’re in the VIP section) to get a shower. Cleansing wipes are your quick and easy substitute!

You are definitely going to need a tent during your weekend away. Where else are you going to sleep? Enough said.

Fingers crossed (!), you will have sunshine on the weekend of your chosen festival. Therefore, you’re going to need sunglasses to block those rays! Also, if (like me) you suffer from hayfever, sunglasses are a great help to rid the glare of the sun from your eyes.

You’ve got your friends together. You’ve purchased your tickets. You’re there! Now, you’ve got to create fabulous memories, and to have proof of those memories, you must not forget your camera!

I shouldn’t have to include these but, if you’re forgetful, write down somewhere that you must not forget your tickets!

Mini Makeup
I say ‘mini makup’ as you should not be taking your whole cosmetic bag! It is one weekend where you should simply be having fun instead of taking two hours putting on your ‘face’. Take the essentials like a lip balm, mascara, and a few eyeshadows to create the bright eyed look.

Toilet Roll
You will be leaving the lovely clean toilet, in your lovely clean bathroom, for a couple of days. At home, the toilet roll will always be stocked up. In the middle of a field, full of hundreds of people, the toilet roll will have been used and not replaced. The answer: take your own. That way, you will always have some, and you know exactly whose hands have been on it.

Sleeping Bag
You need a warm place to sleep (even if it’s hot). The easiest thing to take is a sleeping bag!

Other essentials you might need: deodorant, body spray, money, mobile phone, food, drink, dry shampoo, and other things you may feel are necessary.

Images: dimensionguide.com; beautylicious.com; myspace.com; nikkischuster.blogspot.com; choperelsunglasses.co.uk; mccabespharmacy.com; mosup.com; mcdiaocu.com; familyfriendlyozcamping.com.au; ukshoponline.net;

faye xoxo

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part II

The first instalment of the HerUni Festival Guide was all about the footwear. This instalment is all about what to wear to your festival! That’s right, you want to look your best (as can be without showers and mirrors etc.) whilst jumping around in the mud, sleeping in tents, and of course, listening to the best musicians rock out on stage in front of you and thousands of other people.
It doesn’t matter what kind of style you are. As I’ve said before in my other posts (like Wedding Wear), there is something for everybody! You can glam it up with pretty dresses (I would not under any circumstance recommend heels or long flowing dresses that will inevitably get ruined by the mud), cute accessories, and wacky makeup. Or, keep on your sunnies with a black leather jacket and ripped denim for the rock chick look. If you’re a folky girl, you know what to do. Add the fringing and the feathers!

(L-R) Boohoo.com, Topshop, River Island, ASOS.com, ASOS.com, Topshop, Topshop, Boohoo,com, Topshop

(L-R) Topshop, Ray Bans, Topshop, Topshop, ASOS.com, Boohoo.com, Topshop

(L-R) Boohoo.com, Boohoo.com, Unknown, River Island, ASOS.com, River Island, Boohoo.com, Unknown, River Island

(L-R) River Island, Topshop, Topshop, Boohoo.com, Boohoo.com, Topshop, Boohoo.com, Topshop, Topshop.
Look out for The HerUni Festival Guide: Part III coming soon!
Images: topshop.com; riverisland.com; boohoo.com; asos.com, lostmyhead.org

faye xoxo

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part I

This year is the year that I will be attending a festival. It’s my first time going, and I am so excited I could scream! If you’re like me, you craze over all the magazine festival features every single year, buy the clothes, but never have anywhere to wear them. Well, ladies, this year is different because I am going to V Festival on the 17th August 2012, and I thought it would be handy to have a little Festival Guide on HerUni.com so that when the time comes for buying all your lovely summer clothes, you can find some fabulous festival fashion to make your photos look like they came straight from a glossy fashion mag!
First off on this Festival Guide will be your guide to Wellies! If you are going to a festival this year, you will need a pair because it will be extremely muddy. You don’t want to ruin all your ‘nice’ shoes, so invest in a pair! Barratts have got a fabulous range of Wellies with a huge variety of colours and patterns. Make sure you head to their website so you won’t be disappointed! www.barratts.co.uk

What are you waiting for? Look at the variety, so whether you’re a girlie girl, rock chick, indie, crazy… anything(!), head to Barratts right now!
Coming up in HerUni Festival Guide: Festival Fashion. The thing that is on everyone’s mind: what to take/wear to this once in a lifetime experience? Look out for HerUni’s Festival Guide: Part II to find out!
Images: barratts.co.uk; zatchels.com

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Under The Sea

Today I found one of my articles for The 405 that I wrote last month. It was a Summer trend post about the fashion inspired from under the sea. My favourite colours are green and blue anyway, so there's reason one for me loving the trend, and I love anything to do with summer. The sea reminds me of summer. There's reason two.

My article for The 405:

I wish I was by the sea right now. I will be in less than a week! I'll be in Portugal with my family, and I cannot wait to get away from rainy England! I need to get a lot of stuff done with regards to writing. I've written three more articles for The 405 today, and I'm writing a film review for Freedom Spark. Journalism is on the up for me at the moment, although I am a tad bored especially in this weather!
Also, finally my room is sorted for Spain! I've got quite a spacious one thank God! Also, this week I've read the 50 Shades trilogy. I read the three books in four days. Safe to say, I was addicted.

The sea trend also reminds me of The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

faye xoxo

Monday, 2 July 2012

HerUni: Spain Triumphs At Euro 2012

Spain has triumphed again and continues to retain their trophy in a nail biting final against Italy. They are the first European club to hold on to their trophy, and have done for the past three years. Also, they are the first club to win three major tournaments in a row.
Spain 4 – 0 Italy.
At fourteen minutes, Silva scores the first goal which sets Spain off for a very exciting road to victory. Alba scores the second goal at 41 minutes, making Spain have two goals up against Italy by half time. After half time, at 84 minutes, and with Torres newly on the pitch, he scores. They are now at the record West Germany set in a previous Euro final. Four minutes later, the record has been broken by Mata.
Spain are ecstatic of course, and run off the pitch to pick up their children, dressed in the Spanish kit, and let them run across the pitch. Italy, on the other hand, are devastated having come so close. The sentence so close, yet so far comes to mind. Balotelli storms off in a temper, and you don’t feel sorry for him as that is bad sportsmanship. The other players have a sense of loss across their faces. One wonders how so much devastation and happiness can be in one place over a ball.
Nevertheless, Spain are worthy champions!
Source: msn.com
Image: telegraph.co.uk

July Inspiration

It's officially Summer... supposedly. All the rain has come instead of the sunshine, although I will be going to Portugal which means holiday, relaxation, and the sun, and sea!

Here's my July inspiration, and some things that I'm looking forward to this month.

(L-R) Mexican inspiration for decorations, My new favourite obsessive read, Summer inspired editorial, Summer hairstyle (always), Portugal beach, Desk/work space inspiration, Surfwear at Fatface, Beautiful coronations, Sunset over the sea.

This will be a great month for me, despite all the rain.
We can hope for summer yet!

faye xoxo