Friday, 18 November 2011

Frank & Doll Wishlist & Other Occurrances

The first time I heard about Frank & Doll was through Sara Luxe, a blog I love to read. They had sent her a few garments which were beautiful.
The brand itself is eccentric, edgy and utterly fabulous. I love the series of LBD's. They have a rocky edge which is perfect for my style with sheer details. Another thing that I absolutely adore is the Skull Ring. That combined with an LBD and a pair of military boots sounds like my kind of outfit!

Here are a few pics of the brand...

I want all of the above and they are my Frank & Doll Wishlist. I would quite happily cut my double bed in half in order to fit another closet or drawers of some kind which I could place very neatly all this beautiful extravagances. Even Mischa Barton is a designer for Frank & Doll. She designs purses and bags for the brand.

An obvious design that flourishes throughout the whole website is skulls. I'm an avid fan of this anyway but the t-shirts and the rings just add to my love of it. I will be buying that ring very soon I think!

1. Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6:15. That is correct. The sun hadn't even started to rise yet and I was getting up and showered ready to leave Roehampton at 7.30. I was invited to an exhibition 'Catwalk to Cover' at the Fashion & Textile Museum near London Bridge. HerUni sent me and Alex to cover the event exclusively for the website which I should be writing an article for very soon! Also, the very lovely Kirstin Sinclair, an amazing fashion photographer, signed her book for me which I got at £20 instead of £29.99! Bargain!

2. The amount of uni work I've had is unreal in the run up to Christmas! That's the reason why I haven't been able to blog recently because of uni work, on top of HerUni work on top of actually socialising. It has been a pretty hectic time! I have four essays due in the next four weeks and two exams I need to revise for. To say the least, I am pretty stressed out.

3. I actually got to go home last week! I had an amazing time! It was so lovely to see my mum and dad and my friends from home. It was a nice relaxing few days in the comfort of the North. I went to an art exhibition with my bestie all about Alice in Wonderland at the Liverpool Tate; that, plus shopping and lunch, followed by Spoons and a night out in Liverpool all in one day was the most hectic part of the week. Suffice to say, the next day I didn't really move from the couch and watched Jezza K.

faye xoxo

Monday, 7 November 2011

Study Space

When I have a place of my own outside of uni, I want an office for myself where I can work on my stories whether they are creative or journalistic. I want a place that has the right amount of vintage feel combined with a modern look. I think that this room in my flat, apartment or house will be the one that I spend the most time on and that may mean, starting now.

I love the idea of having the desk by the window because that would give natural light which is the best for writing. But, that means that I would have to have the perfect view because I don't want to look out of the window to a horrible view.
Plus, lots of bookcases is a must for me as I am a writer and avid reader.

I have a while to design the perfect study, but this is the start.

faye xoxo

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Vanity Fair: Michael Jackson

When my housemate was watching American Next Top Model, she called me to her room, saying that the models had to pose as a specific era from his life. The link refused to then work and stopped at the same place every single time! But, I managed to find out the Vanity Fair editorial full of amazing images!
They are AMAZING!

These images make me want to dress up like him. Maybe next Halloween, I'll go as him, but not as MJ from Thriller. I prefer the early 80s!

Also, this new song 'Hollywood Tonight' is my new favourite song and the video is amazing!

faye xoxo

Happy Halloween!

This is a belated Happy Halloween post! Come to this next year before All Hallows Eve for some inspiration and costume/make-up ideas. Or, if you want to go to a fancy dress looking scary instead of the norm of builders, disney characters etc here is the place!




Last night, I went out with my beautiful housemates Jess (follow her blog) and Verity aka Scary Skeleton and Cute Cat!

Here we are in our costumes...

faye xoxo