Friday, 18 November 2011

Frank & Doll Wishlist & Other Occurrances

The first time I heard about Frank & Doll was through Sara Luxe, a blog I love to read. They had sent her a few garments which were beautiful.
The brand itself is eccentric, edgy and utterly fabulous. I love the series of LBD's. They have a rocky edge which is perfect for my style with sheer details. Another thing that I absolutely adore is the Skull Ring. That combined with an LBD and a pair of military boots sounds like my kind of outfit!

Here are a few pics of the brand...

I want all of the above and they are my Frank & Doll Wishlist. I would quite happily cut my double bed in half in order to fit another closet or drawers of some kind which I could place very neatly all this beautiful extravagances. Even Mischa Barton is a designer for Frank & Doll. She designs purses and bags for the brand.

An obvious design that flourishes throughout the whole website is skulls. I'm an avid fan of this anyway but the t-shirts and the rings just add to my love of it. I will be buying that ring very soon I think!

1. Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6:15. That is correct. The sun hadn't even started to rise yet and I was getting up and showered ready to leave Roehampton at 7.30. I was invited to an exhibition 'Catwalk to Cover' at the Fashion & Textile Museum near London Bridge. HerUni sent me and Alex to cover the event exclusively for the website which I should be writing an article for very soon! Also, the very lovely Kirstin Sinclair, an amazing fashion photographer, signed her book for me which I got at £20 instead of £29.99! Bargain!

2. The amount of uni work I've had is unreal in the run up to Christmas! That's the reason why I haven't been able to blog recently because of uni work, on top of HerUni work on top of actually socialising. It has been a pretty hectic time! I have four essays due in the next four weeks and two exams I need to revise for. To say the least, I am pretty stressed out.

3. I actually got to go home last week! I had an amazing time! It was so lovely to see my mum and dad and my friends from home. It was a nice relaxing few days in the comfort of the North. I went to an art exhibition with my bestie all about Alice in Wonderland at the Liverpool Tate; that, plus shopping and lunch, followed by Spoons and a night out in Liverpool all in one day was the most hectic part of the week. Suffice to say, the next day I didn't really move from the couch and watched Jezza K.

faye xoxo

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