Saturday, 31 December 2011

What I Bought Today

I went shopping to Liverpool this morning in order to buy some birthday presents for one of my friends. Her birthday is a week today! Suffice to say I didn't get everything I wanted for her (hence online shopping a bit later). However, I made myself feel better by getting a few bits for myself; namely three rings and two outfits. I just keep telling myself that I need all these things. I am turning into a true shopaholic!

Tops, Blazer, Skirts: H&M
Rings: Republic

I will be wearing the second outfit with a different top for NYE!

Happy New Year All!

faye xoxo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Have a very merry christmas!

Have a fabulous Christmas!


faye xoxo

Friday, 23 December 2011

A Very Special Post

This post is dedicated to my Nin, a beautiful woman who I miss every day.

This is my Ninny (aka Nan, as nobody but our family seems to know what Nin means!). She passed five years today, and it's still hard to think that she has gone. She used to call me a 'little shit', not that I was one! I was the perfect grandchild (ahem!). There are a lot of us though; grandchildren I mean. She must have gone crazy remembering all our names. She got them wrong sometimes and went through a whole list of names before she got to the right one!

One memory I always remember from when I was younger was when I stayed with her one night and we were in her living room - which was the back room - and I watched the smoke from her cigerettes float up into the air and disappear on the ceiling.

I love you, Ninny NooNoo.

faye xoxo

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Present Wrapping

... is finally done!



I am finally done with my Christmas shopping and Christmas wrapping! It feels great to see all of them under my tree. I can't wait to give them out, especially my Mum and Dad's!  I don't even know how much I've spent this year. I imagine the answer would be quite a lot.

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist

1. Dress: Topshop
2. Faux leather skirt: Topshop
3. Jumper: Storm Liverpool
4. Glamour Subscription
5. Glitter Shoes: Schuh
6. Belly Bar: River Island
7. Shoe Boot: New Look
8. Shoe Boot: New Look
9. Rihanna CD/Tickets

There is my Xmas wishlist! I would love to have all of them but my favourites have to be the glitter shoe, the dress, and the Rihanna tickets! The glitter shoes have been on my wishlist for a long time now, and I am still no closer to buying them. They are £65! I suppose I could use part of my student loan for them or my next paycheck. That would be more sufficient!

Today was a busy day in the world of Faye. I wrote a blog this morning about wardrobes and the ones that I want (and will have) in the future. At 2.30pm, I was sitting in the cinema with my cousins waiting for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked to appear on our screens. It was a little bit cheesy and had a dose of 'cringe' factor in it, but other than that it was a great kids film! After that, mum and I went over to town to do the last bit of Xmas shopping! I bought my dad's present as well as my cousin, and godmothers. Mum bought me some Xmas presents too! Very exciting! Mainly my outfit for Christmas Day which was partly in the sale. There will be more about presents and Christmas outfits after Xmas, so look out for those! After we got back from Liverpool, Mum, Dad and I went to the indian up the road. It was fabulous as always (a lot better than the one in Roey)! Got in at ten to ten. Long afternoon/evening! Need to wrap the remainder of my presents tomorrow before meeting up with the girls, and then going to town tomorrow night! Exciting! It has been a long seven weeks!

faye xoxo

Wardrobe Wishes

First of all, my wardrobe wishes are 1000 x this blog post, and they include all kinds of designer shoes, bags, coats, dresses, plus all the high street fashion. This post is dedicated to every girls dream: having a walk-in-wardrobe. It's something that I have wanted since seeing 13 Going on 30: great film, fabulous wardrobe!
When I'm older... I want a walk-in-wardrobe, in my lovely kingsize bedroom, in my apartment in London. A girl can dream.

This is some of my inspiration for the perfect wardrobe full of beautiful things...

Obviously, the walk-in-wardrobe would have to include a luxurious dressing table full of makeup any girl would kill for! And perfume, preferably euphoria please!

faye xoxo

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday Night is Girl's Night

I did have a full length photo but it was awful so I decided against uploading it.

1. Last night, I went out for a meal to Harvester with a few of my girlfriends. I had garlic bread for a starter and fish & chips for my main which was lovely! I love going out for meals with my friends, especially after six/seven weeks of not seeing them. It was a fab meal with beautiful friends. After Harvester, we went to Spoons for a drink and saw more people from home. I love catching up with all my friends from home. It was great to see everyone!
Recently, those rings have been the ones that I always wear on a night out: my animal rings. The fox is from River Island, the snake from Primark, and the elephant from Republic: some of my fav high street stores!

2. I've nearly finished all my Xmas shopping! There's only a few more blanks that I need to order/buy! This morning, I went over to Liverpool for a few bits with my friend, Joss, and then, we went to ASDA. You can't go wrong with ASDA for wrapping paper and cards and wine and chocs! I may start wrapping my presents on Tuesday and have a day to myself whilst watching a Christmas film. I've already taken a 'before' picture for my Xmas Wrapping post. Can't wait to wrap, and write my cards!

3. As I write this, I'm watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! It is such a weird and funny film! Oompa, Loompa... For tea, Mum, Dad, and I are having a 'mess around'. Many people don't know what a mess around is but it's basically just bits and pieces of cold meat, cheese, salad, crisps and the like. I love mess arounds at home! I tried to recreate it in London but it didn't happen. Tonight, I'm going to Spoons again with some friends to catch up with my best friend as she's been in London this weekend. Can't wait!

faye xoxo

Jewellery Love

I'm home!
Friday was stressful: tidying, packing, travelling through Central London and getting to Euston twenty minutes before my train left. I had a suitcase, a handbag and two other bags of luggage for the two and a half hour journey from Euston to Liverpool Lime Street.
This included a small selection of my jewellery.

Accessories are what makes an outfit. If you read my blog, you know that I love my rings. I've brought only four or five home for the three weeks of being here. I love mixing them up. Obviously my pandora came home with me. I wouldn't leave it in London in fear of it being stolen (highly doubtful). My new skull earrings came home also! I'm obsessed with them at the moment!

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

HerUni: Christmas Makeup

As always, during party season, makeup must be bigger, must be more sparkly, and you must definitely add that extra ounce of glitter to your eyes, lips and nails. It goes without saying that you only do one of the two with regards to your face. Don’t overdo it with huge glittery purple eyelids and a pout full of red lipstick. That is a no go area! Instead, do one or the other. Either, you have the most beautiful smoky eyes ever, or the bright lipstick with that WOW factor; never, ever both!
Now that the rules are set, lets have fun exploring the different looks in style this Christmas.

Bright Eyes

Bright eyes are always a must during the Christmas holidays. Whether you are going on a night out with your friends, a Christmas family party, a meal out, or even if you will be staying in all day, be sure to try this trend at least once! All it takes is a pallet of colour, a make-up brush and you are done! If you want to try the smoky eye look, start with the lightest shade. Brush the colour all over your lid and up to your brow line. Then, with the second colour, brush over your entire eye lid, and underneath the rim of your eye for that extra pop of colour. Next, with the darkest shade, apply from the middle of your eye lid to the outer corner, again do this along the bottom rim, and blend. Add black eyeliner and mascara and you will have beautiful bright eyes!

Red Lips

Red lips are on the rise again during December (as if they ever went away!). Combine rouge lips with a sexy sixties flick or nude makeup for that extra flourish about the lips. It will draw all those boys to you under the mistletoe this season. Right now, Rimmel London and Dolce and Gabbana have fabulous ranges of red lipstick, so go and buy as a little treat for yourself, or a loved one. Or, you could ask for it as a gift for Xmas!


Girls don’t need excuses for glitter in our lives. Nonetheless, Christmas is the time to make everything around us festive and that means glitter! Be it gold glitter, silver glitter, or just colourful glitter, wear it and you’ll be feeling festive in no time! The easiest way to wear glitter as part of your makeup is through your nails. Keep it colourful with Barry M Nail Varnish. As you all know, they come in a huge range of colours including glittery ones. Plus, the great thing about glitter nails is that they create an entire different look for your outfit. Glitter eyeliner also does the trick!

faye xoxo


Confessions of a Shopaholic

It has been a long time since I wrote a film review. In fact, the last review was Red Riding Hood back in August. Fast forward four months and here we are.
As you all know, I went Xmas shopping to Westfields and I took the liberty of buying myself Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was part of a deal for one of my prezzies, so it's okay!
It's a film that I've been wanting to see for a long time, just because it reminds me of myself as I love to shop, like all girls do. I can safely say that in around eight years time, I will have the her life, including (hopefully) the journalist job.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is funny, witty and full of all the labels that you want to see in a store. It tells the tale of a young woman who knows what she wants, has a dream, needs to shop and is running away from debt collectors through giving the debt collector many humorous excuses.
The characters are definitely real. The best friend is how a best friend should be in the real world. She would go through your debts with you accompanied by a bottle of tequila. The 'Bitch' in Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of those girls who you envy and hate all at the same time, and they know it. They're your arch nemesis in school or work, but you win in the end. Always happens. The guy: he's model beautiful, and still down to earth, and nice, and knows his designers. Warning: You will never meet this man! Unless he is gay.

Of course, it is the kind of film where you know what's going to happen in the end. She meets a guy, who ends up as her boss, lies to him, lets her friend down and still gets everything in the end. This is a proper chick flick. Combine it with friends, wine and Thortons chocolates and you have the perfect girls night in.

This is the type of room I want (and kind of have now): full of pretty clothes, pretty shoes, pretty accessories, pretty everything.

faye xoxo

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

Today, I went to Westfields to do a bit of Xmas shopping! I went by myself, but sometimes that's a good thing: you can get more done that way (even though I forgot a few things for myself)!
I spent just under £50 and bought the majority of my presents so it's safe to say that I have gotten better through the years. Sometimes I can't help but spend, spend, and spend some more. Some tips are:

1. Set yourself a budget for each person (I've gone over a bit with my parents this year but for everyone else I've either stuck to it or gone a little under and still bought what I want).
2. Browse online before you shop. Get an idea of what you want to buy people and write it all down. Remember to set a limit though!
3. Write down the shops that your gift ideas in along with prices. This will make it a bit easier and less stressful when you're surrounded by masses of other shoppers running around like headless chickens!
4. If you're really stuck for cash, make some home made presents. Sometimes your friends and family will appreciate them more than actually spending money as you have spent time and have been more thoughtful about your choice of gift.

a. As I've procrastinated all day: Going to Westfields, watching X Factor, and after this watching Confessions of a Shopaholic in bed, tomorrow I will be getting up mega early (for me) at 8am to do some revision before my 2pm lecture. I have two exams this week that I have not even started revising for and now I am starting to get more than a little scared. One is for history, the other Spanish Language. Suffice to say I'm more than a little scared. Definitely need to crack on with that.

b. I go home in 5 days time! As much as I'll miss all my girlies in my cosy little house at Roehampton, I cannot wait to see my mum and dad and friends and family from home! It's going to be a fabulous Christmas this year and I want to document every single day of it. I can't wait to give my presents to people! That, for me, is definitely the best part of Christmas.

c. Before Friday, it is stress week aka the next five days. Two exams and two essays. Yes, I've done a draft of one essay and have great feedback, but that doesn't mean it's all hunky dory for me! Need to get revising, writing, editing and all that jazz starting tomorrow morning!

faye xoxo

Sunday, 4 December 2011

HerUni: Winter Hair

With the run up to Christmas, us girls are all looking for our Christmas dresses! It is an exciting time, but one thing that we might not be sure about is what to do with our hair. Every year, I get out of the shower, put my Christmas outfit on and look at my head and wonder how on earth I am going to style my hair! Usually, I just leave it. Not this year. This year, there is a huge variety of catwalk inspiration for every girl to choose from.

Pretty Ponytails
For a neat and smooth look that will keep your hair out of your face all day (including keeping it out of your food at dinner time), tie your hair up in a pony tail. It instantly sweeps the hair off your face and you still have the length (for long haired lasses) with an added bounce to it. This look would go great with any type of make up, from dark, smoky eyes to a natural look. Plus, if you opted for a low back dress this year, it would suit perfectly as would the bun.

Ballerina Buns
Another updo for this Christmas would be the obvious bun. However, don’t see buns as the boring, simple way to get your hair off the back of your neck. Instead, add a little twist to it such as a deep side parting with a knot at the nape, or two buns on top of your head instead of one. Or, you could create an oversized bun that falls out during the day in contrast to a top-knot with your hair scraped back. As you can see in the examples below, the majority of buns can actually be combined with a rock chick look to give you more of an edge. This is a stark contrast to the innocent buns that models wear when they are in white and cream gowns on the runway. It goes to show how much fashion is changing with regards to hairstyles!

Perfect (Or Not So Perfect) Plaits
Instead of the fishtail braid, the plait has come back in its place. And for Xmas, it is here to stay. This is another great way to keep your hair off your face, but it comes with an ounce more femininity than the pony tail and the bun. You can play around with this look a lot combining a low-naped pony tail with a plait, or a loose plait, or, if you’re daring, many plaits with a variety of different sizes. This look should be combined with a more natural look, even a folksy feel with laidback day dresses instead of the glittery glam party dresses.

Au Natural

Another option for your hair this Christmas is to leave it natural, whether that be curly or straight or wavy. Whatever your hair type, leave it be. However, get rid of the frizz that some of you may have. Just use a bit of serum and you’ll be perfect! This look is so versatile that you can wear it from when you wake up Xmas morning in your PJs, to when you dress up for dinner, to when you party at night! It’s a fabulous look worn by all!

Now that you have the hairstyles for this Christmas (and for the rest of winter), be sure to keep your locks beautiful and strong in these cold months. As with your skin, the cold wind will damage your hair so keep it looking luscious with these products:

Images:; authors own

faye xoxo

Christmas Inspiration

1. Countdown to Christmas
2. Official start of Christmas
3. Christmas Dinner
4. Winter Wonderland
5. Glitter Shoes
6. Christmas Party
7. Christmas Shopping at Westfield London
8. Christmas Presents
9. Christmas Tree

faye xoxo