Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wardrobe Wishes

First of all, my wardrobe wishes are 1000 x this blog post, and they include all kinds of designer shoes, bags, coats, dresses, plus all the high street fashion. This post is dedicated to every girls dream: having a walk-in-wardrobe. It's something that I have wanted since seeing 13 Going on 30: great film, fabulous wardrobe!
When I'm older... I want a walk-in-wardrobe, in my lovely kingsize bedroom, in my apartment in London. A girl can dream.

This is some of my inspiration for the perfect wardrobe full of beautiful things...

Obviously, the walk-in-wardrobe would have to include a luxurious dressing table full of makeup any girl would kill for! And perfume, preferably euphoria please!

faye xoxo

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  1. wow, my next flat needs any one of these x