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HerUni: Winter Hair

With the run up to Christmas, us girls are all looking for our Christmas dresses! It is an exciting time, but one thing that we might not be sure about is what to do with our hair. Every year, I get out of the shower, put my Christmas outfit on and look at my head and wonder how on earth I am going to style my hair! Usually, I just leave it. Not this year. This year, there is a huge variety of catwalk inspiration for every girl to choose from.

Pretty Ponytails
For a neat and smooth look that will keep your hair out of your face all day (including keeping it out of your food at dinner time), tie your hair up in a pony tail. It instantly sweeps the hair off your face and you still have the length (for long haired lasses) with an added bounce to it. This look would go great with any type of make up, from dark, smoky eyes to a natural look. Plus, if you opted for a low back dress this year, it would suit perfectly as would the bun.

Ballerina Buns
Another updo for this Christmas would be the obvious bun. However, don’t see buns as the boring, simple way to get your hair off the back of your neck. Instead, add a little twist to it such as a deep side parting with a knot at the nape, or two buns on top of your head instead of one. Or, you could create an oversized bun that falls out during the day in contrast to a top-knot with your hair scraped back. As you can see in the examples below, the majority of buns can actually be combined with a rock chick look to give you more of an edge. This is a stark contrast to the innocent buns that models wear when they are in white and cream gowns on the runway. It goes to show how much fashion is changing with regards to hairstyles!

Perfect (Or Not So Perfect) Plaits
Instead of the fishtail braid, the plait has come back in its place. And for Xmas, it is here to stay. This is another great way to keep your hair off your face, but it comes with an ounce more femininity than the pony tail and the bun. You can play around with this look a lot combining a low-naped pony tail with a plait, or a loose plait, or, if you’re daring, many plaits with a variety of different sizes. This look should be combined with a more natural look, even a folksy feel with laidback day dresses instead of the glittery glam party dresses.

Au Natural

Another option for your hair this Christmas is to leave it natural, whether that be curly or straight or wavy. Whatever your hair type, leave it be. However, get rid of the frizz that some of you may have. Just use a bit of serum and you’ll be perfect! This look is so versatile that you can wear it from when you wake up Xmas morning in your PJs, to when you dress up for dinner, to when you party at night! It’s a fabulous look worn by all!

Now that you have the hairstyles for this Christmas (and for the rest of winter), be sure to keep your locks beautiful and strong in these cold months. As with your skin, the cold wind will damage your hair so keep it looking luscious with these products:

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