Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday Night is Girl's Night

I did have a full length photo but it was awful so I decided against uploading it.

1. Last night, I went out for a meal to Harvester with a few of my girlfriends. I had garlic bread for a starter and fish & chips for my main which was lovely! I love going out for meals with my friends, especially after six/seven weeks of not seeing them. It was a fab meal with beautiful friends. After Harvester, we went to Spoons for a drink and saw more people from home. I love catching up with all my friends from home. It was great to see everyone!
Recently, those rings have been the ones that I always wear on a night out: my animal rings. The fox is from River Island, the snake from Primark, and the elephant from Republic: some of my fav high street stores!

2. I've nearly finished all my Xmas shopping! There's only a few more blanks that I need to order/buy! This morning, I went over to Liverpool for a few bits with my friend, Joss, and then, we went to ASDA. You can't go wrong with ASDA for wrapping paper and cards and wine and chocs! I may start wrapping my presents on Tuesday and have a day to myself whilst watching a Christmas film. I've already taken a 'before' picture for my Xmas Wrapping post. Can't wait to wrap, and write my cards!

3. As I write this, I'm watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! It is such a weird and funny film! Oompa, Loompa... For tea, Mum, Dad, and I are having a 'mess around'. Many people don't know what a mess around is but it's basically just bits and pieces of cold meat, cheese, salad, crisps and the like. I love mess arounds at home! I tried to recreate it in London but it didn't happen. Tonight, I'm going to Spoons again with some friends to catch up with my best friend as she's been in London this weekend. Can't wait!

faye xoxo

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