Friday, 27 May 2011

Balls and Proms

Tomorrow is the Summer Ball for me and the rest of my fellow Roey's. It will be a long day full of drink, girly fun and mayhem, along with the help of a few celebrities:
Chase and Status
Eliza Doolittle
The Streets

Eliza Doolittle is only on for a measly half an hour due to her minimal song list containing the top ten number Pack Up.
However, Chase and Status and The Streets are on for an hour each so that is two and a half hours of celeb company for us students.

DJs of all different styles will be joining us too throughout the day, night and early morning hours... 13:00 - 4:30.
It will be hectic but I am glad of it because it's going to be one of the best days and nights of the year.

Cue the fairground, foodcourts, Silent Disco and Survivor's Photo at 4:45.
A bit of variety for everyone.

Now for the extra exciting (and annoying) part for the girls...
what to wear?

It is an all day event and that is the reason some people have taken the liberty of buying a day dress and a night dress... I wasn't that smart (and I have no suitable shoes to wear!)
Casual dresses are definitely a winner as who wants to be uncomfortable for the entire day?
Think bright colours (neon in my case), summer florals and the occasional sophisticated blacks and nudes.

My dress.

Anjic Rubic Vogue Australia April '11

Marni Milan SS10

Ralph Lauren

Christian Dior SS10

John Galliano SS10

Vogue Espana


So there you have it, a mixture of inspirations for Summer 2011 ballwear that is not poofy and extra heavy for no reason.
Make a difference in what you wear to your ball.

faye xoxo

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Yo Ho Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me!"

"wake up me hearty's you're home"

Pirate's of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides came to cinemas today and my mother and I booked our seats for the 3:10pm viewing.
At first, the screen would black out for minutes on end, something to do with the TSM or something like that...
Anyway, eventually we got to watching an amazing film.

Of course, there had to be a love story entwined in the fantastic action scenes and there wasn't just one, there were two (apart from the romances with the pirate's and their ships).
Finally, Captain Jack Sparrow (the gorgeous Johnny Depp) got his love story with the beautiful Angelica, played by 'La Encantadora', Penélope Cruz. She was an old fling. Well, they truly loved each other no matter how much they said they didn't.
Then, there was the relationship between the boy who had a faith, Philip (Sam Clafin) and a captured man-eating mermaid, Syrena (Astrid Berges-Frisbey). He saved her and she saved him in different ways. The end for them is open to all possibilities as it turned out that the mermaid could walk, but they both went deep into the dark sea together in their last scene.

As I said, action filled the screens with fights between the English, Spanish and BlackBeard's pirates, but there was another group that definitely won a few battles, the mermaids.
The mermaid's faces turned into a vampish style, fangs and different cat-like eyes, just after they had lured a man in and just before they went in for the kill. They jumped, flew, swam and screamed as well as using a whip of some sort to drag people into the dark waters.

It was truly an adventure, a rollercoaster of events as per usual that led up to the climax of the Fountain of Youth.
The Fountain of Youth turned out to be a different element of the world altogether, where the characters rose up through water from the ceiling and landed in a wave of mist. More action occurred as all three voyeurs arrived in the Fountain of Youth together. BlackBeard lived up to be the selfish pirate he was and Jack Sparrow saved his 'damsel in distress'.

A few images of the film itself...

(apart from the last one, I think this is the third, sorry for the mix up! my bad!)

As you can see from the images, there are a mixture of emotions that occur throughout the film.

Truly 11/10
faye xoxo

p.s where do i sign up?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Step Back to the 1500s

First of all, my first year is over! I had my last exam today: 
Introduction to Spanish Speaking World. 
As one of the first main communities of Latin America before the invasion was the Aztecs, I thought that I would give a bit of background knowledge due to the sudden love for their jewellery and fashion. 

Well, we have Moctezuma II, last emperor of the Aztecs before the Spanish came along. 

He was the one who created the calendar based on the solar system and predicted that the world ended in 2012.
However, he didn't predict his own death in 1520. 
There are various versions
1. His own people stoned him to death.
2. The Spanish stabbed him before they left the Aztec lands. 

The Aztecs loved gold. 

Look familiar...

The replica in Pirate's of the Caribbean
Aztec gold is certainly getting around. 

Aztec patterns are coming into fashion, especially in Summer due to the bright colours and bizarre shapes. 

I'd love to own an Aztec patterned dress, especially like the first dress pictured. 
Might have to start looking around for that perfect summer dress. 

Aztec jewellery is a massive comeback this summer also...
Some original pieces

New fashion pieces

Personally, I want every single piece of the last picture. 
They're so vibrant and colourful and really different. 
Different is what I love

Much love! 

faye xoxo

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Prima Ballerina

I was surfing on Twitter and link by link I came across images of Black Swan on showcasing the two dresses, the two characters and the two personalities of Nina (Natalie Portman).

The White Swan

The Black Swan 

These beautiful pieces were created by costume designer, Amy Westcott. 
Both pieces distinctly represent each side of Nina's personality; the white dress determines her purity at the beginning of the film whereas the black dress represents what she has become. 

The film itself is a roller coaster of emotion, including lesbian fantasies, phantom dreams, self destruction and a dire passion for dance. 
It is confusing and unpredictable and the end is definitely worth the wait, ending on a high and then plummeting to the ground.

When Black Swan came to the cinemas in January, fashion pages glorified the dancing theme, putting ballerina-esque pieces on its pages and designers filled the runways with floaty chiffon in neutral colours, nude, light pinks and white making every woman look like a Prima Ballerina. 

Hair was twisted into a bun yet again, tight, messy, playful, all the different kinds that fashion has seen over many years. It is a simple up-do used to keep your hair off your face in an elegant and sophisticated way. 

And finally Black Swan even inspired Adidas Shoes for children.

It goes to show that any little girl can be a swan if they wanted to. 

faye xoxo

Monday, 9 May 2011

Fishtail Hair

A nice, simple, quick and easy hairstyle that is great for everyday work life and can be used for the night time as well for some different kind of chic. 

Excuse the noise of my hayfever! It's been driving me mental all day! 

I hope this video helps a little with anyone who wants to know how to plait a fishtail! It is quicker that it looks, honest! 

A quick step by step in case I'm too quick for you...
1. Split your hair into two sections.
2. Take a piece from outside one of the sections and pull it across to the other section.
3. Repeat on the other side and tighten both sections.
4. Repeat this motion continually.

Images after completed...

Celebrities sporting the look...

faye xoxo