Friday, 27 May 2011

Balls and Proms

Tomorrow is the Summer Ball for me and the rest of my fellow Roey's. It will be a long day full of drink, girly fun and mayhem, along with the help of a few celebrities:
Chase and Status
Eliza Doolittle
The Streets

Eliza Doolittle is only on for a measly half an hour due to her minimal song list containing the top ten number Pack Up.
However, Chase and Status and The Streets are on for an hour each so that is two and a half hours of celeb company for us students.

DJs of all different styles will be joining us too throughout the day, night and early morning hours... 13:00 - 4:30.
It will be hectic but I am glad of it because it's going to be one of the best days and nights of the year.

Cue the fairground, foodcourts, Silent Disco and Survivor's Photo at 4:45.
A bit of variety for everyone.

Now for the extra exciting (and annoying) part for the girls...
what to wear?

It is an all day event and that is the reason some people have taken the liberty of buying a day dress and a night dress... I wasn't that smart (and I have no suitable shoes to wear!)
Casual dresses are definitely a winner as who wants to be uncomfortable for the entire day?
Think bright colours (neon in my case), summer florals and the occasional sophisticated blacks and nudes.

My dress.

Anjic Rubic Vogue Australia April '11

Marni Milan SS10

Ralph Lauren

Christian Dior SS10

John Galliano SS10

Vogue Espana


So there you have it, a mixture of inspirations for Summer 2011 ballwear that is not poofy and extra heavy for no reason.
Make a difference in what you wear to your ball.

faye xoxo

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