Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Step Back to the 1500s

First of all, my first year is over! I had my last exam today: 
Introduction to Spanish Speaking World. 
As one of the first main communities of Latin America before the invasion was the Aztecs, I thought that I would give a bit of background knowledge due to the sudden love for their jewellery and fashion. 

Well, we have Moctezuma II, last emperor of the Aztecs before the Spanish came along. 

He was the one who created the calendar based on the solar system and predicted that the world ended in 2012.
However, he didn't predict his own death in 1520. 
There are various versions
1. His own people stoned him to death.
2. The Spanish stabbed him before they left the Aztec lands. 

The Aztecs loved gold. 

Look familiar...

The replica in Pirate's of the Caribbean
Aztec gold is certainly getting around. 

Aztec patterns are coming into fashion, especially in Summer due to the bright colours and bizarre shapes. 

I'd love to own an Aztec patterned dress, especially like the first dress pictured. 
Might have to start looking around for that perfect summer dress. 

Aztec jewellery is a massive comeback this summer also...
Some original pieces

New fashion pieces

Personally, I want every single piece of the last picture. 
They're so vibrant and colourful and really different. 
Different is what I love

Much love! 

faye xoxo

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