Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Prima Ballerina

I was surfing on Twitter and link by link I came across images of Black Swan on Glamourmagazine.co.uk showcasing the two dresses, the two characters and the two personalities of Nina (Natalie Portman).

The White Swan

The Black Swan 

These beautiful pieces were created by costume designer, Amy Westcott. 
Both pieces distinctly represent each side of Nina's personality; the white dress determines her purity at the beginning of the film whereas the black dress represents what she has become. 

The film itself is a roller coaster of emotion, including lesbian fantasies, phantom dreams, self destruction and a dire passion for dance. 
It is confusing and unpredictable and the end is definitely worth the wait, ending on a high and then plummeting to the ground.

When Black Swan came to the cinemas in January, fashion pages glorified the dancing theme, putting ballerina-esque pieces on its pages and designers filled the runways with floaty chiffon in neutral colours, nude, light pinks and white making every woman look like a Prima Ballerina. 

Hair was twisted into a bun yet again, tight, messy, playful, all the different kinds that fashion has seen over many years. It is a simple up-do used to keep your hair off your face in an elegant and sophisticated way. 

And finally Black Swan even inspired Adidas Shoes for children.

It goes to show that any little girl can be a swan if they wanted to. 

faye xoxo

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  1. great post, kind of like a ballerina for dummies :p I love that nude dress and the second hairstyle :)
    thanks for the lovely comment and of course the following - I'll do the same!