Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dare to Bare your Back

In my opinion, my best asset is my back.
I have already 'enhanced' it with two tattoos: one down the side of my back from the crease where the arm meets the back and two, a small one to the right of the bottom of my back.

Sorry about the poor quality of this image.

So, there are two out of the three tattoos that I have, the third one being the chinese symbol of strength on my right hip.

I love all three of my tattoos, having my first (the top image) done at the age of 17. I have just turned 19 which proves that it is true that tattoos get a little bit addictive.
I love all three and each have a meaning to me which shows that unlike some people, I have actually thought about each of mine and what I actually want for life.

Mantenga la fe y viva sin lamentos
This has a lot of meanings for me:
a) It is in Spanish which is my second language and one that I hope to conquer, eventually.
b) Mantenga la fe means 'keep the faith'. It is an MJ song and faith is part of the definition of my name.
c) viva sin lamentos means 'live without regrets' which is a saying for everyone to be true to yourself and to never regret anything especially if it made you smile at the time or after.

Live, Love, Laugh
This is what the second image means in sanskrit.
This also has many meanings for me such as,
a) My cousin and I both have it in the same place so it always reminds me of her.
b) We got it last summer because it was the best summer I have ever had although there were some tough times in it. I bypass that and look at the amazing things I did.
c) I definitely lived every single moment last summer.
d) I met up with an old friend who is now my boyfriend so I found love again.
e) I most definitely laughed every day and enjoyed my last summer before I went to university.

This has a personal meaning but also reminds me to get on with life no matter what it throws at you. I know that I'll get through it because I am a strong person.

Again, sorry about the poor quality!

Now, back to the reason why I wanted to write this blog (I always, without fail, go off on a tangent about something).
It is about baring your back in fashion, something that I love to do.
I have a family wedding coming up next month and I really want a backless dress, so I was looking on and found this dress that I have just completely fallen in love with:

In the sale for £25.50.
I guarrantee that by the end of today, I will have bought this dress even though I really cannot afford to, really

But, it is in the sale and I think it would be an amazing outfit for a wedding. I can dress it up with high heels, or like the catwalk video, I could wear ballet shoes. 

I love backless dresses and if it was possible, I would have a whole wardrobe dedicated to them, without a doubt!

All from ranging from £30 - £100.

Vogue UK 'Hidden Treasures'

Other beautiful backless dresses

If I was a fashion designer, my USP would definitely be backless.

faye xoxo

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