Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Like my collection of rings, I have a thing for bracelets. I like to mix them up with many random colours without caring whether they match. It's more fun that way. When I go out, I love to accesorize with bracelets to keep the fun in an outfit and to make myself look different because who wants to look the same on a night out?? No One.

See how many different colours and types of bracelets I have on there?
Probably between 10 and 15.
Clearly too many tequila's that night... Can't remember this photo and the majority of the night!

Day to day, I wear four bracelets on my left arm, sometimes three if I don't want to wear my Pandora.

My Pandora was an eighteenth birthday present given to me last year. It is practically full now. Each charm holds a memory (or moment is the official pandora name) for me which makes it extra special.

The next bracelet was a gift from my cousin for my nineteenth birthday. It is themed after our tattoo saying:
Love Much
Live Well
Dream Big
Laugh Often

The next is a bracelet from Poland given to me by one of my close friends or mi mujer.

And the final one is a friendship bracelet with my boyfriend as he is one of my best friends as I tell him everything.

Much love!
faye xoxo

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