Thursday, 23 June 2011

Guest Wedding Hair!

Two weeks this Friday I will be attending a family wedding and I still do not know what to do with my hair as it is pretty long and I can do pretty much anything with it. Also, another dilemma to add to this scenario is my best friend/hair stylist is on holiday in France aka not here. Therefore, I have to do my hair myself or sneakily twist my mum's arm into helping me out. The latter option will probably happen.
As for the dresses (yes, I am going all out like an A-Lister and wearing two outfits, one for the reception and one for the evening) they will probably need the hair to be up and out of the way, especially the evening dress.

The dresses...

The hair style that my best friend/hair stylist did for my 18th birthday and for prom is the one that I am most likely going to go for.
It was taken from Gossip Girl in Season Two, Serena at the White Party.

Of course, there are bouffent styles also which are like the above, but I think that the style that I had for two occasions last year can be recycled into this year.

Step by Step
1. Back comb hair at top and pull back.
2. Part hair in half horizontally and tie into two pony tails whilst leaving a few pieces loose at the front.
3. Curl all of hair, leaving two pieces loose.
4. Pin each curl into itself until all curls are pinned.
5. With the looses pieces, plait them and wrap around bun, pin at bottom.
5. With remaining pieces of hair at front, plait and pin around head.

Et Voila!

faye xoxo

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