Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer Ball

Four days later and finally I am going to blog about my first Summer Ball at Roehampton University! 

The daytime wasn't as spectacular as everyone made out it would be to be honest. The queue was long and only the waltzers and dodgems were free. 
However, the waltzers was amazing fun especially when it's me and Nat (the two who don't like rides) on the same one, screaming a lot. I nearly wet myself (genuinely) because I was laughing so much!

Before we could enter the ball, we had to get wristbands.
Yes, I am still wearing mine. 

DJs were playing throughout the day and night but the comedian, Lee Nelson performed in the day.

He was funny, he was crude and he was generally entertaining; a good laugh. He got girls up to dance all over each other and him which they enjoyed; suffice to say, he enjoyed it a lot more! 

Night time 
The night time began in the Newman 3 corridor with an award ceremony and pre-drinking. 
The awards were things such as:

biggest farter
who would be most likely to end up as a stripper
most gullible
biggest flirt
best laugh
best accent
best bum
best chef
who is the secret skidder?
best Fez memory
best Bop memory

 chunder queen
& many more

I received the first three. 
Yes, that's right, not that you needed to know that; I'm really not that bad! Honest.

Thanks to for the majority of the list! 

We got photos outside of us all: the Newman girlies. 

I love them all! 

Piccy of me in my H&M dress...

At the ball, Nat and I went on the waltzers again and she thought she was going to throw up. I was scared for my dress! 

My boyfriend came! Hana took a wristband and it worked. That wristband is worth £50! 
He wore a new black suit and looked very smart! I was a proud girlfriend. 

Got the the front of The Streets which was very exciting! 
My heels paid for it though. They are ruined! 
An excuse for some new ones. 

The Summer Ball kicked off my summer and the next few posts shall be about summer fashion.

Much love!

faye xoxo

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