Sunday, 12 June 2011

Los Ojos de Julia

Los Ojos de Julia's trailer was introduced to me when I was at my friends house. We were about to watch a Spanish film (as we both do the same course at uni) and just before the film started she said, "I just want to show you a trailer for a new Spanish film that's out." So, after a while of waiting for youtube to work, we watched the trailer and let me tell you, I did not want to go and see it. It looked jumpy and set mostly in the dark which is something that I definitely do not want to watch on the big screen in a room full of strangers who would be likely to see me jump out of my skin! 

I ended up going to FACT cinema in Liverpool, paying (a rip off of) £8.50 and sitting down in a rather comfy purple couch with my friend... right at the front of the huge screen. 
I was nervous. 

The film started and the setting was night time (obviously) with a lot of thunder and lightning (great). Sara, the protagonist's blind twin sister was talking to a corner of darkness and when the lightning flickered there was no-one there. Queue tiny inward shriek. She ended up hanging in the basement after saying "You cannot make me kill myself." 
It was a lie of course and a foot and leg dressed in all black kicked the chair from underneath her. 
That was the beginning, a brief clip of what Julia, Sara's sister was going to encounter. 
Julia knew right from the beginning that something was not right with Sara's "suicide" so she began her own investigation whilst slowly losing her eyesight also.  
It was a rollercoaster and whirlwind clashed together throughout the film. You could say it is obvious who the Invisible Man is but then again, you may not. 
Gruesome in one part and heart pounding throughout.
A definite must see even if you're not interested in Spanish film. It has a great storyline and Guillermo del Torro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy 2) produced it. 

It will also make you realise that the blind in our world must have some difficulty only seeing darkness. It makes you really appreciate them.

faye xoxo

p.s. you might be afraid of looking into dark corners the night of viewing. 

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