Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

Today, I went to Westfields to do a bit of Xmas shopping! I went by myself, but sometimes that's a good thing: you can get more done that way (even though I forgot a few things for myself)!
I spent just under £50 and bought the majority of my presents so it's safe to say that I have gotten better through the years. Sometimes I can't help but spend, spend, and spend some more. Some tips are:

1. Set yourself a budget for each person (I've gone over a bit with my parents this year but for everyone else I've either stuck to it or gone a little under and still bought what I want).
2. Browse online before you shop. Get an idea of what you want to buy people and write it all down. Remember to set a limit though!
3. Write down the shops that your gift ideas in along with prices. This will make it a bit easier and less stressful when you're surrounded by masses of other shoppers running around like headless chickens!
4. If you're really stuck for cash, make some home made presents. Sometimes your friends and family will appreciate them more than actually spending money as you have spent time and have been more thoughtful about your choice of gift.

a. As I've procrastinated all day: Going to Westfields, watching X Factor, and after this watching Confessions of a Shopaholic in bed, tomorrow I will be getting up mega early (for me) at 8am to do some revision before my 2pm lecture. I have two exams this week that I have not even started revising for and now I am starting to get more than a little scared. One is for history, the other Spanish Language. Suffice to say I'm more than a little scared. Definitely need to crack on with that.

b. I go home in 5 days time! As much as I'll miss all my girlies in my cosy little house at Roehampton, I cannot wait to see my mum and dad and friends and family from home! It's going to be a fabulous Christmas this year and I want to document every single day of it. I can't wait to give my presents to people! That, for me, is definitely the best part of Christmas.

c. Before Friday, it is stress week aka the next five days. Two exams and two essays. Yes, I've done a draft of one essay and have great feedback, but that doesn't mean it's all hunky dory for me! Need to get revising, writing, editing and all that jazz starting tomorrow morning!

faye xoxo

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