Friday, 6 July 2012

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part IV

This is the last instalment of The HerUni Festival Guide. You now know about the wellies, the fashion, and the essentials. There could be a lot more posts about festivals like where to go, what type of festival goer you are etc.
This final post is a warning aka the boring part. It is the part which you all know from countless years of your parents telling you variations of ‘Be Safe’ or ‘Be aware’ or ‘Be conscious of the things around you’ etc. etc. I will still write about it despite being boring (but necessary!). Instead of your elders giving you this advice, I will as someone your own age who is also going to a festival later this summer. I won’t be nagging you until your ears fall off, and I’ll only tell you once, unless you, the reader, decide to repeatedly read this post.

1. Take condoms. They are free. There’s no excuse.
2. Don’t feel pressured. Do not feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to, be it drugs of any kind, or sex with someone.
3. Always be with someone you know. Don’t go wandering off. You may never find them again, until the end of the festival.
4. Finally… have the best weekend of your life. Live in the moment and have no regrets.


faye xoxo

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