Friday, 6 July 2012

The HerUni Festival Guide: Part III

Part I and Part II of The HerUni Festival Guide have been all about the fashion which are here and here.
Part III is all about the essentials that you should take to that long-awaited festival.

Cleansing Wipes
We need cleansing wipes in everyday life as it is, but during your weekend at a festival, you’re going to most likely get mud on you at some point. This is where cleansing wipes are extremely useful. Also, you’re not really going to have time or the facilities (unless you’re in the VIP section) to get a shower. Cleansing wipes are your quick and easy substitute!

You are definitely going to need a tent during your weekend away. Where else are you going to sleep? Enough said.

Fingers crossed (!), you will have sunshine on the weekend of your chosen festival. Therefore, you’re going to need sunglasses to block those rays! Also, if (like me) you suffer from hayfever, sunglasses are a great help to rid the glare of the sun from your eyes.

You’ve got your friends together. You’ve purchased your tickets. You’re there! Now, you’ve got to create fabulous memories, and to have proof of those memories, you must not forget your camera!

I shouldn’t have to include these but, if you’re forgetful, write down somewhere that you must not forget your tickets!

Mini Makeup
I say ‘mini makup’ as you should not be taking your whole cosmetic bag! It is one weekend where you should simply be having fun instead of taking two hours putting on your ‘face’. Take the essentials like a lip balm, mascara, and a few eyeshadows to create the bright eyed look.

Toilet Roll
You will be leaving the lovely clean toilet, in your lovely clean bathroom, for a couple of days. At home, the toilet roll will always be stocked up. In the middle of a field, full of hundreds of people, the toilet roll will have been used and not replaced. The answer: take your own. That way, you will always have some, and you know exactly whose hands have been on it.

Sleeping Bag
You need a warm place to sleep (even if it’s hot). The easiest thing to take is a sleeping bag!

Other essentials you might need: deodorant, body spray, money, mobile phone, food, drink, dry shampoo, and other things you may feel are necessary.


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