Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sun. Sand. Sea.

The title pretty much explains itself. I went on holiday to Portugal nearly two weeks ago, and came back last Friday. It was eight days in 30 degree heat with my family. It was a lovely holiday, and the beaches in and around Tavira, Faro are beautiful! There is a kind of camping site on Ilha de Tavira which I'd love to go to with friends (and it's really cheap!).

I went to the beach twice during the eight days we were there, and opted for a relaxing day by the pool when my family went to the beach for the third time which was bliss! I even swam 100 lengths to kickstart a new health and fitness regime whilst on holiday!

Beach Outfit 1:

Hat: Can't remember.
Bikini: Matalan
Shorts: Republic

Beach Outfit 2:

Bikini: Matalan
Playsuit: Primark

That hat was a God-send on holiday. It kept my head cool, and it went with everything during the day! I got it a while ago so have no idea where I bought it. It was probably somewhere like Primark or Matalan or New Look. I needed some new bikinis for my jollies. Mum bought me two brand new ones from Matalan a while back. They're great because they're strapless but come with an attatchable strap. I have to wear strapless bikinis on holiday because I hate tan lines around my shoulders and back. I've got a tan line across my back now and I'm not loving it. I'll be in Spain soon so that will sort that tan line out! The Republic shorts are so comfy! They suit me because I've got quite chunky thighs so they don't strain across them, and are cut diagonally instead of straight across which is better! (Attention all pear shapes!) And finally my little beach playsuit. I bought this about two/three years ago I think. I've also got a black one with a floral design. They are mega comfy and easy to throw on over a bikini/costume. It's really light material so you can fit more in your suitcase!

Tavira Day Outfit:

Hat: Same as before
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Same as before
Sandals: New Look

I know that you can't see any shorts but I promise you that I am wearing some! I got quite a lot of use out of these shorts this week. The top I bought when I spent a LOT of money in Topshop in Putney a while back. Again, it's light and easy to wear. Usually, I hate wearing sandals because the bit inbetween the toes irritates me. These sandals on the other hand are so comfy! I wore them everyday, and have worn them most days since my holiday! They were definitely a good buy!

All of us went out for dinner three times during the week to see what the local restaurants were like. I only have two outfits to show as I spilt liquor over my camera and broke it two nights before leaving!

Evening Oufit 1:

Dress & belt: Rock Bottom
Sandals: As before.

Excuse my eyes being half closed! It always happens to me with camera flashes. This dress is the dress I bought in the last what I bought today post. I bought it from a small boutique in Chester. It is comfortable, is made from lovely material, and is my favourite style right now - the hi-lo skirt.

Evening Outfit 2:

(with my padre)

Slide: New Look
Dress: New Look

I love this dress because it makes me feel like a mermaid. I love the colours, the patterns, and most definitely, the way it falls completely to the floor. I have to hoist it up when I'm walking around (not good when there's hay on the floor!); it is still a lovely dress.
I decided to do a fishtail plait this night to go with my personal theme/style of under the sea/mermaid-esque, which was quick and simple to do. You can find my own video on a blog post very early on, near the beginning of this blog.

All in all, I have a fabulous holiday with my family, and actually had quite a lot of outfit shots taken without realising. Maybe this could be the start of outfit posting. Who knows?!

faye xoxo

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