Monday, 2 July 2012

HerUni: Spain Triumphs At Euro 2012

Spain has triumphed again and continues to retain their trophy in a nail biting final against Italy. They are the first European club to hold on to their trophy, and have done for the past three years. Also, they are the first club to win three major tournaments in a row.
Spain 4 – 0 Italy.
At fourteen minutes, Silva scores the first goal which sets Spain off for a very exciting road to victory. Alba scores the second goal at 41 minutes, making Spain have two goals up against Italy by half time. After half time, at 84 minutes, and with Torres newly on the pitch, he scores. They are now at the record West Germany set in a previous Euro final. Four minutes later, the record has been broken by Mata.
Spain are ecstatic of course, and run off the pitch to pick up their children, dressed in the Spanish kit, and let them run across the pitch. Italy, on the other hand, are devastated having come so close. The sentence so close, yet so far comes to mind. Balotelli storms off in a temper, and you don’t feel sorry for him as that is bad sportsmanship. The other players have a sense of loss across their faces. One wonders how so much devastation and happiness can be in one place over a ball.
Nevertheless, Spain are worthy champions!

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