Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Boston meets Ireland

When I was at home last week, my parents and I watched Leap Year one night. My choice of course. It is a love story, of course, about a young red-headed American woman with OCD who wants to propose to her boyfriend on the 29th February in Ireland. It is an Irish tradition. She goes through hell to get to Ireland, rain storms and a rickety boat are not the greatest pair and meets a handsome dark Irish man. 
Irish accent. Swoon.
It is the classic love-hate relationship and when she realises that her boyfriend is not the person she wants to be with any longer, she returns to Ireland.
True and they lived happily ever after ending.

She is obsessed with her Louis Vuitton suitcase aka Louis. 

This film just makes me want to travel to Ireland and go for long walks everyday, find a random place to stay for the night, cook a meal from scratch, drink till close in country lane pubs and look out to sea on the highest cliffs. 
I will go one day. I have to. 
Perfect Getaway with a loved one. 


faye xoxo

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  1. loved this movie! i'd love to take a trip like this someday w/ a loved one (or maybe just go on my own and fall in love w/ a local ;)