Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I was one of the 120,000(!) people attending Hyde Park yesterday to watch the marriage of Will & Kate. 

Hana and I rose from bed and got ready. Heels were nearly worn. I am so glad beyond relief that I didn't wear them due to the grass, uneven roads, tubes and the fact that hardly anyone there wore them or even got dressed up!
We, at least, dressed smartly for the occasion. 

We found a space near the front of the three massive screens which had the Royal Wedding coming through loud and clear (and live). 
That's it girls, Will has gone...
Harry lock your doors at night!

I cannot express enough how excited and patriotic the atmosphere was! It was phenomenal how many people turned out, some even dressed up in wedding dresses, the royal guards and there was even a 60s union jack dress out and about! 
I wish I had a camera that actually worked to illustrate all this! Honestly, it was just fab!

After getting a little tearful at the wedding, it was time for food and the drinking started! Or carried on in some cases!
Chilli on a jacket potato... YUM!

And!... there were free photo booths! The kinds like in America were you can get a strip of four different pictures! 
I was not ready for the first one. It was quite hilarious (this was before the drinking). 

Dancing around to the band that was playing great music... a lot was MJ so I was happy. 

Images of Hyde Park...

I was one of those people!

At around 4pm, Hana and I left the park and went on to Camden for a bit of shopping. In the Wedding mind, I was looking for a dress for my cousin's which is in July! I need a new dress! And I am determined to shape up for it! 

I bought one thing: a necklace and earring combo, elephant style. 
I didn't find a dress, sadly. 

We left at around 7pm, so it is safe to say that after a ten and a half hour day, our legs were aching and I wanted to climb into my PJ's. 

Roll on my night out in Croydon! 
Tiger Tiger here I come! 

faye xoxo

P.S. Hana wrote me a letter whilst she was a tad drunk that I said I would post on here: 

I'm Hana
I'm drunk
laa laa laa
I <3 Faye 

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  1. so amazing that you were there! i woke up really early to watch it on tv. kate looked absolutely beautiful!