Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mountain of Work

This is what I look like today,

It's a bit of exaggeration to be honest, but it's what I feel like considering that I've got to do two essays by this Friday. It is Wednesday.
Ok, so I have done a first draft of one of them, but you should see the amount of highlights on the pages from my tutor! 
And the other: my worst enemy, the demon in my life and the nightmare of my first year, Critical Skills! 
Hate is a strong word, but I will use it in this case...
I hate Critical Skills! 
That is probably why I skipped eight weeks of it... my bad! 
Anyway, because of the dreaded subject, I trekked all the way to Euston to the British Library to get some criticism for this essay. Bear in mind that this is the only good thing of the whole subject because I was pretty sure I was going to write an amazing essay. 
So, I spend about two hours travelling there (I could have gone home to Liverpool in this time), get my picture taken and give in my details for a Readers pass and find out they don't even have it there, in the Library. 
I have to order it which takes 48 hours. However, the library isn't open on Friday because of the Royal Wedding. 
So, thanks to the future King and Queen, I have to rethink a whole essay for one and a half days! 
No disrespect to them, I cannot wait to watch it and wave the British Flag as well as playing the royal drinking game, but I might not be able to as I will probably be in my stuffy room, writing with steam coming out of my ears!

Rant over.

Here's a few pictures;

The library is amazing though! 
And that last image is exactly me in three short sentences.

Much love!

faye xoxo

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