Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Break & Katy Perry

I have just completed a second draft of one of my essays.
One out of two = DONE! 
Although I am going to review it tomorrow, just in case.

This is a work break for me and I wanted to share the love for Katie Perry! 
I am just listening to her on juicefm Liverpool (yes, I still listen to a Liverpool station although I am in London) 
The song was of course the new hit E.T! 

The music of it is incredible and the collaboration with is one that should be repeated. 
I love the amazing hair and make-up that Katy Perry has going on! Seriously, I want to try it out but I have not got the confidence to do it! 
Maybe one day. 


This would be an outstanding unique new fancy dress outfit at your next party:
Beautiful Extra Terrestrial

Think bright blues and purples, eye contacts and a luscious long flowy red dress.
Then you're good to go! 

faye xoxo

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