Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sleeping In The Fields

I am off to V Festival early hours Friday morning, and I am nowhere near ready for this weekend! I don't even have wellies yet, and looking at the weather, it looks like I'm definitely going to need them.

Despite doing a whole Festival Guide on HerUni, I still have no clue what to take, whether I have everything ready, how much money I should take etc. etc. I want to keep warm (obviously!) but as a fashion blogger who likes to think she has some sort of style, I would like to look nice in the pictures I take.

So far, I have two pairs of shorts (one of which I'm not sure even fit me!), three tops I think I'm going to take (most likely), a raincoat (for obvious reasons) and that's it. I need to take basic make-up. I'm forgetting about foundation completely as of right now. Maybe I will just in case I have bags under my eyes or a spot sprouts out from nowhere. Who knows? I haven't even thought about jewellery or hair accessories. I think that I'm overthinking this whole thing. I'm making it sound like this is my suitcase for Spain rather than a weekend rolling around in fields in mud and jumping up and down to artists live. So excited by the way!

Here's a reminder of the fashion side of things I brought together for HerUni:

Surely all this will help me on the fashion side of things. I'm definitely going to take a straw hat too! I don't care how much it rains; I want to take one! It will keep onlookers from knowing the truth about my greasy hair on Sunday/Monday!

It's safe to say that I definitely need to go shopping tomorrow! I wish I had a car because it would be so much easier then!

Sorry for the excessive rant/worrying blog post. I'll probably just wing it, and it will all be fine!

faye xoxo

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