Thursday, 16 August 2012

What's Going In My Bag

Tomorrow I go to V!!!

I am very excited despite having to get up at stupid o'clock so we can get a good camping spot! I went shopping again today with Kerry (my cousin who I'm going with) which was a good idea although we did spend quite a bit, especially in Claire's Accessories for lots of accessories: neon crayons, floral halos, animal eye masks etc.

I've sorted stuff that I need to pack which is a lot! And I've took some photographs of what I'm going to take & even styled my outfits. It's my first go at proper styling for blogging, as in laying the clothes out with the accessories to go with!

Also, it's Kerry's birthday on Saturday so you'll see some party stuff which I'm really excited to use in the middle of a muddy field!

So there is a few bits! I love the geek glasses with moustache thing going on! Definitely going to be wearing them a lot! As you can see, I've gone a bit crazy on accessories and jewellery and the like! I look my accessories. I probably won't wear half of it but lets hope!

I've styled the outfits for over the weekend. Yes, I know that it will probably be freezing cold but I have waited five months to get my festival shorts on! Bring on the cold! And the mud! So, day 1 is tomorrow which is just basically full of travelling so I want comfort but want to keep that festival feeling for when I get there. I'll be taking loads of pictures this weekend too! I haven't put accessories in the first picture but I probably will wear a few accessories. It just depends how alive I am at 6am tomorrow morning! Day 2 is Kerry's birthday! I bought this t-shirt and these shorts a couple of months ago, and I'll be accessorising it up! I'll also be taking my Primark mac for the cold/when it rains. Lots of accessories! Day 3 I'm going to go a bit more neon despite the floral cross! I have glowing bracelets and glow stick glasses (I didn't realise I'd bought them!) On the day of returning home, I'll be throwing on whatever really because when it's time to pack up and leave, all you wanna do is get home, to a nice, warm shower!

If you're going to V this weekend, have a great time! Might see you there, and hope you're not taking as much as me... Think I may overpack for one weekend!

faye xoxo

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