Sunday, 23 September 2012

Live For The Weekend

This weekend has been so good! After a not so good week of disorganization of the university, classes being cancelled, missing home etc. etc. this weekend was something that I really needed to get me back to loving life in Spain.
For some reason, university was closed on Friday, which seems to happen here a lot. I'm not complaining because it means I got a three day weekend which is definitely better than two! On Friday, I went shopping with two of the girls to the massive shopping centre, Nueva Condimina: it is my new favourite place. It has Primark and H&M (even though I'm not much of a Primark fan anymore) and loads of other cheap stores!
I spent quite a bit of money, and I'm incorporating a what I bought today post into this...

Everything apart from the notebook is from Nueva Condimina. The shoes I saw were in the sale for less than 20 euros, and I can't resist a good bargain. Plus, they're really funky and bright, a pair that I'd wear with an LBD, or a denim dress or something like that. I needed more studs because I have my ear lobes pierced twice, and I'm always losing studs, or leaving them in England, so I needed a few more. The other earrings and necklaces I just could not resist. I'm going through a rock chick stage again (hence the jumper) and I just want to toughen up my look a bit without having to wear black all the time, because it is too hot out here at the moment to do so! I saw the photo frame and thought of my real proper grown up place after university, which I know is a long way off yet, but I thought to myself, I am never going to find this again, so I just bought it. And, last but not least, my new uni notepad... My love for surfing from the land.. One day I'll get on a surfboard and have a go!
Friday evening was an ESN international student party night. We went to a bar/club that was underneath Plaza de Toros! The place was pretty cool and the drinks were cheap too! It was a good night, and I enjoyed it!
Yesterday, a group of us went to Alicante beach again. The majority of us got the 1pm bus as we were a bit delicate in the morning. The sea had more waves yesterday which was amazing although there was tonnes of seaweed everywhere! I love Alicante, and my friend found out about a bar that has events and stuff there, so think we might be going next month for a night. It'll be nice to go somewhere other than Murcia on a night out because I haven't seen many proper clubs here.

*Pics were taken last week of Alicante
And last night/today, all I've done is chilled out and watch The Hills and wish/dream that my life will be that exciting at the age of 22/23! And that I'll have the dream start to my career, but then again, maybe I'll be abroad travelling somewhere instead. Who knows?
Next weekends plan is a trip to Granada! So, at the moment, I am definitely living for the weekends whilst out here.
faye xoxo
P.S. I've also booked my flights home! I'll be back on English soil on the 19th December!

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