Friday, 28 September 2012

Let's Go To The Beach!

As I sit at my desk, looking out of the window, it does not look like I'm living in 'sunny' Spain. In fact, the past two days it has been cloudy, breezy, and it has even started to rain! I feel like winter is officially on it's way, and I'm scared that I'm going to lose my spanish tan before going home at Christmas!
With saying that, this post seems completely irrevelant because it is all about what to wear on a day at the beach. To be fair, I have been to the beach in Alicante the past two weekends, and the sun has been shining gloriously, but now, it is time to crack out the leggings, and the big oversized cardy that I always love wearing.
Back to the reason for this post. I thought I'd create the kind of posts I love to make (even though I haven't in a while!), and share my ideas on what to wear to the beach.
As I write this, it has begun to pour with rain, along with spells of thunder and lightning. Maybe I jinxed this!
Tonight, after my two hour lecture (until 8!), I am going to Peggy Sue's, an american diner style restaurant, with some friends for some major food! Then, tomorrow, I have a 6:30 start as I am going to Granada for the weekend with a load of other Erasmus students. It is safe to say, it's going to be an amazing weekend!

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