Monday, 4 February 2013

Casual Work Wear

Today was my first day as a language assistant in a school here in Murcia. It still is my first day as it is only midday but I am currently waiting to hear from el director to see if he has sorted my timetable and wants me to come in for the afternoon. It is all very exciting!
Over the weekend, I was thinking to myself what on Earth am I going to wear for school?! I love saying that: school. Anyway, I settled for my Zara black maxi skirt, a patterned t-shirt and a short sleeved, long(ish) cardigan that Mum bought me for Christmas. With my trusty black boots to finish it off. It is a very casual look, but a little less casual than black leggings and a t-shirt. This kind of outfit will come out at some point during the week.
I love doing these kind of outfit posts so feast your beautiful eyes on this casual work wear one.
An outfit for every day of the week.
As always, these outfits have been made up from the Topshop and River Island clothes. I really can't wait to go home at Easter and have a decent shopping day in town.
I've gone for a mixture of looks to keep it interesting. I can't imagine the day when (if!) I have to wear a plain trouser/skirt suit every day for five days of the week. If I have anything to do with my career path (which obviously I do) I will be going to the office in things like this. Maybe not the jeans as that may be too casual. Over in Spain, pretty much anything goes so that is why a pair of jeans have graced the outfit board.
This morning, I was shown around the school a little bit. It is huge. Like I said, I haven't received my horario (timetable) yet which I may get if they call me to go back in this afternoon. Fingers crossed I get it today or tomorrow so that I can sort Madrid and home out!

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