Monday, 4 March 2013

March Inspiration

I haven't blogged in what seems like a month. It practically has been a month. I could give all the excuses in the world and to be fair, I have been working my backside off in school: teaching over 300 Spanish kids per week is not the easiest of jobs. I am still loving life as an English teacher, however. It is good and every day is different. One day last week, I was demonstrating cricket with a group of year fours and the batter wacked a girl in the eye. That does not happen everyday. I felt awful about it obviously.
Last month I went to Alicante and Madrid! I am travelling a lot more which is great! I have 39 postcards now.
I cannot believe that March is already here! Where has the time gone?! March is a very important month for me as it is my Dad's birthday - which was yesterday - and my Mum's birthday too, as well as other family members'. Plus, it is Mother's Day on Sunday! Money has been spent.
Also, in two weeks and four days I will return home! I am very excited to see my family and friends and to have proper grub!
So, here is my inspiration board for March. Look out for a what I'm doing this month post coming soon.

Here's to a good month! White rabbits and all that!

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