Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Month Of March

As I said in the last post, this month has two very important birthdays: Mum's and Dad's. I missed my dad's as I am still in Spain and I will be home two nights before Mum's so that first weekend that I am home (23-24) is going to be a birthday weekend. On the Saturday, Dad is making his homemade steak and kidney pie with homemade chips and peas (I've made him promise that this will happen) and I will give him his prezzies. On the Sunday, it is Mum's birthday so a late lunch out with the family and more presents etc. etc.
Also, this month it is Easter! That means getting fat from a lot of chocolate eggs on top of all the proper English food that I am going to consume over the two weeks I am at home. I swear the thing I talk about most is food.
Other than that, I am supposed to be going to Fallas in Valencia next weekend! I still haven't bought my tickets however. I need to do this! 
This weekend, I don't know whether to go out, or stay in and sort out my life/save money. Decisions, decisions... It is also Mother's Day on Sunday! I need to send Mum a card and some flowers!
I need to get my blogging and writing back on track too! ASAP! 
(L-R) Hell March; Birthday Celebrations; Easter Fun; Reading ELLE Magazine; Flying Home; Heart; Reading Two Issues Of Glamour; Catching Up With Friends; Lazy Mornings; Loving The Single Life; Home Time; Losing Myself In A Book; Homemade Steak Pie; Happy Mother's Day; Reading And Writing.
All of the images will be happening when I go home. I will be seeing friends and writing whilst I'm in Spain but even more so whilst I'm at home.
Happy times ahead!

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