Monday, 25 July 2011


This is not the usual inspiration post full of fashion shoots and editorials that make me want to go out and embrace the world. No, this post features the writers who inspire me.

Of course we have Stephenie Meyer, creator of the Twilight Saga. She is the woman who inspired my writing back in 2008 with the words of her first book. Now look where she's at six years later... The last book is becoming real as we wait for the 18th November when Breaking Dawn comes to cinema screens. In truth, although vampire stories came long before 2005, her stories triggered the theme dark romance that is now an official section in Waterstones' nationwide.

Cassandra Clare. She has created a spectacular and beautiful world that Stephenie Meyer wants to be a part of. I too wish to be a part of that world. As well, the fact that she created a love story that was supposedly between siblings who fell in love before they knew that fact. Any person would read it and think what are you thinking you sick freak? But, instead every reader wanted the Jace and Clary to be together even knowing they were supposedly brother and sister. It takes a true skill to persuade an audience to think that.

Adele Parks is a woman who writes about real lives and the troubles of real women in London. Stories of women who don't want children or those who have affairs make good reading. She is explicit in her sexual and sensual writing and she makes raunchy writing a part of the world we live in today. Afterall it is the great 21st century.

Alice Sebold has written one of the most extraodinary novels of my lifetime: The Lovely Bones. It is beautifully written although it expresses pain and hatred of a man who raped and murdered the narrator Susie Salmon. She is a survivor of rape herself which she tells the story of in her debut: Lucky.

The editor of Britain's number one women's magazine, Jo Elvin is an inspiration. She didn't go to university and yet she is the one who runs Glamour magazine. She worked hard gaining experience in newspapers and small magazines before she came to Britain and became editor's for magazines such as Top of the Pops and Sugar. 

Scarlett Russell, the features and entertainment writer for Glamour. She has the job I want when I grow up. How amazing would it be to go around the world and interview many different kinds of people from soldiers to celebrities in just one year or even in one month for that matter.

So, these are my career inspirations. Notice how all of them are women. Don't get me wrong, I love male writers too but for this post lets keep it female orientated just to show that women can have their dreams and aspirations fulfilled. In this day and age, women are going up the ladder to greatness and I will be a part of that in the writing career in my future.

faye xoxo

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