Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Gossip Girl.

I have just read a post from my old website about the bitchy and drama-related series. It was at that point that I was watching season two of GG and something happened to my friend that a lot of people were talking about. Sometimes, I do have a bit of drama in my life but not as much any longer which I occasionally do miss. As I said on my old blog, I love that bit of gossip wow factor at least once a day.
Now that I'm in uni, nothing like that really happens anymore. I guess it's because I don't know the happenings of many people anymore whereas in sixth form, there were always the rumours and the eighteenth birthday parties that everyone went to.

Anyway, even though my life is nothing like those characters of the Upper East Side, I can indulge in the drama series online and have my own little OMG gossip fix.
The bitchiness, the schemes, the love, the hate, the drama is fantastic and whoever writes the script is an amazing writer, especially for the character of Gossip Girl. It's witty and humorous and fits in with what is going on onscreen.

Among everything else dramarous going on with the characters, the fashion is what decides who is really who in this New York world. If you're not wearing a label, you are out of the Upper East Side. At least that's what Queen B still thinks whilst she attend NYU. Unfortunately for her, no-one seems to care about that anymore.
Whereas, for Little J and her new cronies, it means everything being the social queen and hierarchy of Constance.

This made-up New York world inspires me to make sure that you grab life and keep hold of it and that all the drama can be a little bit of fun in life to remember.

faye xoxo

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