Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I haven't posted in a while and I apologise. It's not like I have been super duper busy where I'm out of the house all the time working and partying and catching up with friends like I should be these few short summer months. Oh no. 
However, I have had an amazing opportunity to write for an actual website. It is called HerUni ( whereby female students in London can log on and find out all they need to know about London including how to get around and the classics art, beauty, style etc. 
It all started when I got an e-mail through from one of my departments in uni. It stated that it was an opportunity for aspiring female journalists and hello, that would be moi! 
I contacted the editor-in-chief Geraldine, and asked her some questions about contributing etc. etc. She even looked at my blog! I was very excited. 
Anyway, that was last month and I've only just gotten round to actual write something. That was on Monday. Now, I have three articles on the website. It's all very exciting! 
ALSO, Geraldine asked me to cover an art meets fashion performance. But, I couldn't go! I was so disappointed! It's because I'm up North and the event was down South. I would have gone but I didn't read the e-mail until the day of the event. It would have been amazing! My first real experience of reporting for a publication!

So, yeah. It's been a very exciting past couple of days regarding experience for my future! 
Everyone who is a young female student should look at the website because, although it is aimed at London students, it has a lot of tips for all teenage girls! 

faye xoxo

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  1. Faye, it's a pleasure to have you contribute to - Geraldine H.