Sunday, 8 January 2012

This Week I've...

1. Went to La Tasca with my friends on Wednesday night. It was a lovely evening even though the train was delayed for some unbeknown reason so we were late for our table which was given away because the restaurant was so busy!
2. It was one of my best friends birthday yesterday. We went to town on Friday night which was great fun! Had such a laugh. She loved her presents too.
3. Saturday consisted of me having a hangover and eating four packets of quavers in the morning, then going and having lunch with my cousins, then making cakes with my five year old cousin. It was great fun and I'm going to miss my little cousin/sister/niece a LOT!
4. Today, I went to Spoons for lunch with two of my closest friends, then to La Tasca (again!) for tea with my parents.

Tomorrow I go back to London and back to reality. I have an essay due on Tuesday that I haven't even started yet! I'll be planning and writing that on the train. I have to get up early tomorrow to pack and get myself ready for the trip back. I'm going to miss everyone at home huge amounts! But, I'll be back here in 5/6 weeks so it's not too long; just like a school summer holiday!

faye xoxo

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